Coreban Nitro

One of our California Central Coast clients, Jon Elick, sent us a note and a nice image sequence of the 8’5″ Coreban Nitro dropping into a sweet down the line wave… “What’s Up Wardog, This new board is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It allows me to emulate what I do on my kiteboard, which is awesome because wind …

WARDOGCoreban Nitro

New Coreban SUP Boards

A quickie update on a couple of the many new boards that have enhanced our extensive SUP board offerings… New from Coreban is the Vibe (8’0” x 29” x 4 1/2” 130 Liters :: $1379)…Lithium (8’11” x 29” x 4 1/2” 130 Liters :: $1399)…shown here on either side of the already popular Nitro (8’5” x 28” x 4.5″ 112 …

WARDOGNew Coreban SUP Boards

Coreban Nitro Video

Ready to add some power to your wave riding? Tired of your wave riding board denting and delaminating? Check out the Coreban Nitro ripper stick…8’5” x 28” x 4.5″ @112.3 Liters By surfers for surfers. Perfect rocker line with added V for tight turns and quick release – Pinched rails in the nose area for quick water release and Nose …

WARDOGCoreban Nitro Video

Coreban Nitro

Just received a new shipment of Coreban SUP’s in the Pure range…and, a little licorice anomaly called the “Black Nitro”…8’5” x 28” x 4.5” @112.3 Liters A few more pics here…

WARDOGCoreban Nitro

Wood Veneer Coreban SUP’s

For the best built and best looking wood veneer SUPs on the planet…check out our California, USA built SUP Sports ® wood veneer SUPs… A container of the new Coreban Pure wood veneer SUP’s has just arrived at the shop…beautiful, strong, and lightweight…the Coreban motto and byline is “Only the Best”… Nice pricing, too…gonna go fast…8’5″ Nitro : $1379…9′ Fusion …

WARDOGWood Veneer Coreban SUP’s

New Coreban Wood Veneer SUP’s

A container of the new Coreban Pure wood veneer SUP’s has arrived…they will be in the shop soon…their motto and byline is “Only the Best”… These are vacuum bagged, wood sandwich construction Cobra factory built SUP’s using Australian Pine wood veneer…not the Chinese built bamboo veneers that have been having delamination issues… Let’s take a look see under the hood …

WARDOGNew Coreban Wood Veneer SUP’s

New Coreban SUP’s

Checking in with the Coreban SUP crew at the last weekend’s BOP… Check out the new 12’6″ Alpha Race in Pure construction…and, the 14′ Alpha Race…sharp…sharp…sharp… More info on the new Coreban ALPHA RACE SERIES 14FT x 27″ x 8″ Available in Carbon or White 12’6 x 29″ x 5 1/2″ Our buddy Roland over at California Standup went out …

WARDOGNew Coreban SUP’s

Coreban Board Technology

Alrighty then…that was kinda fun and silly…but, it’s time to put your thinking caps back on…;-) Another SUP brand that we have chosen to represent because of their commitment to QUALITY and attention to detail, is Coreban…their motto and byline is “Only the Best”… Let’s take a look see under the hood of this Cobra factory built board line… The …

WARDOGCoreban Board Technology

New Coreban SUP’s

Just got a shipment of the killer new Coreban SUP’s today…including the 9′ Fusion and 10′ Icon in Pro and wood versions… Check out the new Coreban SUP website…hottest brand on the market right now… With recent articles featuring Coreban in Sports Illustrated, Men’s Health magazines and TV shows on networks around the world, SUP and Coreban are together becoming …

WARDOGNew Coreban SUP’s

Coreban SUP’s :: Smash Hit

The new Coreban SUP’s were a huge hit at our Goleta Beach demo last weekend… Thanks to Linus for his hard work… It paid off with orders placed by many stoked standup paddlers…restocking the shelves… These new SUP’s were flyin’ out the door…no wonder… Performer 9’6″ $1199…Rockett 10’6″ $1249…Cruiser 11’6″ $1330… Cobra factory built boards…lightweight carbon center fins…and, a bag!

WARDOGCoreban SUP’s :: Smash Hit