New SUP Fins

New SUP Fins We have some new SUP fins that just arrived in the shop… Killer colored bamboo/honeycomb and carbon/honeycomb side biter fins…along, with a bunch of other new stuff… These gorgeous fins are designed with progressive flex in the tip area…the bamboo provides incredible flex characteristics and also displaces resin making them a greener product… Bamboo is a sustainable …


SUP fins

OUR NEW ECOMMERCE SUP STORE IS NOW LIVE! (click) Here are some more shots of our extensive line of Bamboo Coreflex SUP fins that we have been developing for a decade…the performance will blow you away! We have hundreds and hundreds of SUP fins in stock…you can purchase our SUP fins online in our SUP store, or at our Facebook …


Fins to the Right…Fins to the Left

A new shipment of our Bamboo CoreFlex SUP fins just hit the shelves…including the red hot 2 1/4 (2.25″) and 3 3/16″ (3.19″) StubNub nubster trailer fins…

WARDOGFins to the Right…Fins to the Left

Fins Matter

For most SUP board companies, the SUP fins that are included with their boards are just a cheap afterthought…but, to us (and to you)…FINS MATTER!!! We have decades of experience designing fins that work in the most critical situations…we take a holistic approach to helping you optimize the full potential of your board’s performance…adding value to your board and/or aftermarket …

WARDOGFins Matter

New SUP Sports Wood Fins

Just starting to get some of our new “special edition” wood fins…same shape as our existing bamboo flex core fins…but, sexed up a bit… Also coming down the pipe are some gorgeous new side biters…also, different foil profiles… Ready to order? (click) Have questions? Our friendly and experienced staff are standing by to help you… Call our toll free lines …

WARDOGNew SUP Sports Wood Fins

Bamboo Fins Carbon Boards

We are really stoked on our new bamboo core fins…they have been working much better than all of the other fins that we had been using on our SUP’s… We’ve employed some Feng Shui properties by installing them on our carbon SUP’s…Deb is raving about how much better the 9.25″ feels on her carbon 11’2″ Blend than the carbon SUP …

WARDOGBamboo Fins Carbon Boards

Bamboo Core Fins

UPDATED: 10/20/2012 Our boutique bamboo core fin line is available through us at StandUp Paddle Sports as an aftermarket upgrade and exclusively to select SUP and surf shop distributors/dealers worldwide through the Focus distribution network… 5″ fronts…4″ rears…2 1/4″ “STUBNUB”… 5″ fronts…4″ rears…3 3/16″ “STUBNUB”… Just received a new batch of the WARDOG fin designs with bamboo cores fresh out …

WARDOGBamboo Core Fins

Bamboo Flex Rake Surf Fins

UPDATE: NAVIGATE OVER TO OUR NEW FIN PAGE…LOTS OF NEW MODELS… We will be getting a shipment of bamboo flex rake surf fins tomorrow… They will be available in 4″…5″…and 6.5″ US box center fins…and, 4″ and 5″ FCS and Futures side biters…mix and match trifin and quadfin sets… These fins are MADE in the USA for us by Rainbow …

WARDOGBamboo Flex Rake Surf Fins

Curtis "Pro-Elite" SUP Racing Fins

We just received the first production run of the new Curtis Hesselgrave G-10 “Pro-Elite” SUP racing fins (MSRP $200)…they were sold out upon arrival…but, we just received another couple of dozen… We have these just in time for the 2nd Annual “Battle of the Paddle” SUP contest this next weekend in Dana Point… We still have a few of the …

WARDOGCurtis "Pro-Elite" SUP Racing Fins

Bamboo WARDOG Fin Designs

We’re continuing to make good progress on the new renewable, and resource sustainable, bamboo versions of the popular WARDOG fin designs… The bamboo cloth gives a kinda silky appearance to the bamboo wood…light, strong, and killer flex… Stoked For Life ™ is the world’s leading stoke provider for standup paddle surfing, windsurfing, & other surfing sports.

WARDOGBamboo WARDOG Fin Designs