Perfect Kona Summer Day

First day of Summer…not a cloud in the sky…10-13mph breeze at our local lake…cruisin’…smilin’…

The handling of the 6.8m2 Aerotech Cuben Fibre Phantom on the Kona was like a butterfly flitting about…;-)

Exocet Kona at Lake Lopez
More Kona pics:

Here’s my “marketing hype” based on personal experience, and feedback from my clients…the Kona sells itself…it exceeds expectations…every one that I’ve put on the water has sold another…like I said previously, comparisons to wide-style high performance boards isn’t really apples to apples…just like it wouldn’t be that valid to comment on a FW board’s wave riding capabilities, or standup paddling capability compared to the Kona’s…or pricing differential of a $2K FW board to the $1199 Kona with full soft EVA top…the Kona is only 60% of the cost of a high end Formula hull…it doesn’t require double digit sail sizes (10.Xm2) to match up with it…nor 70cm fins…it works great in sub-planing conditions…it goes over 30kts…you can wavesail it…and standup paddle it…

Furthermore, Exocet has stated that it’s design won’t change for 5-7 years…
Fleets and regattas will develop…races will be help and wave riding comps as well…a windsurfing “standard” is destined to be re-established, if I’m reading the tea leaves correctly…

The first container in the US has long been sold out…and we have a waiting list for the next shipment of Konas due in mid-July…

Further observations…

The Kona has a fair bit of rocker that you can see in the pics…quite a bit of nose (and tail) out of water once planing…

Pure physics says that F= M x A…the Kona has a lot of mass…therefore, it requires a bit of wind force to get it planing…but, while it is in sub-planing mode, it is a joy to cruise around on…once planing, it is deceptively “fast”…
It has been clocked on GPS over 30 kts…and didn’t get embarassed coming in 16th out of a fleet of 600 in the Gruissan in 25kt winds…and it “slow planes” better than any board I’ve been on…I mean, in the footstraps and harnessed in cruisin’…

Remember, the Kona weighs over 30lbs…a bit more with the daggerboard in…but, when you pick it up, it doesn’t “feel” heavy for it’s size…

Even more Kona pics:

The Kona is not perfect, no board is…but, it can turn an ordinary day into a perfect day…and that’s what life is all about…{:~)



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STEELCORE Lockable Board Straps and Tie-Downs

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I just can’t say enough good things about this killer new board security and tie down product that we’re using and carrying…STEELCORE…makes strapping boards down way easier and orders of magnitude more secure…about time somebody got it right…

Check them out! (MSRP $97…$8 S/H)



SteelCore Security Straps

 The lockable soft rack travel straps are nothing short of brilliant…

Anybody that straps anything of value to their car, truck, van, or motorhome owes it to themselves to buy a little more piece of mind…these are INDUSTRIAL security devices…SteelCore tie downs are formidable locking straps that afford serious theft protection…let alone the extra security and piece of mind knowing that boards aren’t flying off your rig in the middle of the night on your way home from a windsurfari…

The SteelCore webbing strap is 3/16″ thick…and the cable is rated at 1500 lbs… here are some more pics:

The beauty of SteelCores is the integration of security, with tie-down functionality…U.S. Patent #6199412 has been issued for this product.

Watch the provided video clip…

“Observe the pickup truck with a ladder on the rack secured on one end by a large, one-half inch-diameter security cable.  Note the other end is secured by Steelcore security tie-down straps.  Enter a construction worker wielding a new pair of 24-inch cutters.  He cuts through the first security cable like it was butter, and the lock falls into the truck bed.  Then he turns to the Steelcore  security cargo strap, trying several times unsuccessfully to cut it, only managing to damage it. (look close at the cutters as he attempts to cut and you can see he is closing the cutters as much as possible)  He then yanks it down, trying to pull the strap apart — again, unsuccessful.”


 Other kewl attributes of SteelCore tie downs…it only takes ONE HAND to
secure them…you can even do it with gloves on…the strap is stiff and easy to feed, even in high wind…and because they are so thick, they don’t whistle, hum, and flap around at freeway speeds…
The lock is a weather resistant, stainless steel, scalped cam lock from Illinois Lock Company…
The buckle is made of hardened aircraft aluminum (6061) and designed by an aerospace engineer…

These straps have a thousand other purposes…this is kewl…

WARDOGSTEELCORE Lockable Board Straps and Tie-Downs

Standup Surf Paddles

100% carbon Standup Surf Paddles  are now available at SurfingSports!

Standup Surf Paddle

Lightweight, 100% carbon fiber paddles custom designed by champion paddler and Hawaiian waterman, Todd Bradley, on Oahu.

These top of the line paddles feature a strong, ovalized shaft, specially designed palm grip, and 8.5″ blade.

If you are serious and want the best paddles on the market, then you are at the right place.

These paddles are proven and tested in Hawaiian waters by some of the top athletes in the world.
Brian Keaulana, Rusty Keaulana, Archie Kalepa, Bonga Perkins, Dave Parmenter, Malloy Bros, Rob Machado, Laird, Buzzy Kerbox and others…


Check them out! (MSRP $325)


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Hot Sails Maui Waist Harness

After 10 years of not making harnesses, Hot Sails Maui  now introduces a new line of harnesses.
We once again, go against the trend and deliver products we want to sail with, not what market leaders may insist is what you want. The harnesses are NOT molded plastic, and hence the feel is much more forgiving for free movement and comfort. Lined with Fleece and trimmed in neoprene, these harnesses eliminate chafe and point loading felt on modern molded harnesses.

Check them out! (MSRP $89)


Hot Sails Maui Waist Harness


WARDOGHot Sails Maui Waist Harness

9.25" WARDOG FreeWeed fin

The much anticipated new 9.25″ WARDOG FreeWeed fin has just been released.
9.25" WARDOG FreeWeed
The surface area and range of use is similar to the 9.75″ WARDOG Wave (5.0m2 – 7.0m2).
Comparison of 9.25" FreeWeed to 9.75' WARDOG Wave

WARDOG9.25" WARDOG FreeWeed fin

Sean Ordonez Standup Paddleboards

After riding several prototypes last year, we designed our new custom Sean Ordonez Shapes standup paddleboards.
Deb’s is a 10’11” and mine is 11’4″.

standup_paddleboard16 (1)

standup_paddleboard14 (2)

Original WindSUP

The center fin slots are very far forward to initiate early turning and they have a sidebiter option and also a mast track for light air windsurfing. First of their kind in production. The original WindSUP.

Original WindSUP

First WindSUP


cali_sup_windsurfing_last (1)

You can check out more pictures of them here.

Bennett Williams was styling on his standup paddle surfboard at a Santa Barbara point break last week during another nice swell…one of the many to blast the Central Coast of California this Winter.
Sean Ordonez Shapes standup paddleboards


cali_sup_surfing4 (1)

WARDOGSean Ordonez Standup Paddleboards

Hot Sails Maui Hot Rod carbon RDM bases

We have just received the new Hot Sails Maui Hot Rod carbon RDM bases .
They have a parallel roller system and are available in 30cm or 45cm lengths.
Standard cup or Euro-pin. Hot Sails Maui Hot Rod carbon RDM extensions

WARDOGHot Sails Maui Hot Rod carbon RDM bases


Severne  has just released their 2006 Formula, and FE race winning sails…

The all new Code Red (more info) and the 2006 Overdrive

Countless hours have gone into designing, testing, and tuning these sails and we are very confident that they will help place the Severne Team on the podium.    


The Code Red and Overdrive sails will be available in North America around end February. 


More Sean Ordonez Waveboard Info

Jeff McV from the Oregon Coast responds to the news of Sean Ordonez new waveboard line:
“Good to hear this.
There seems to be a pretty big gap between the 70 and 88 Classic
Rockets. The 76ltr (SO Drops 2-Stroke 200) is just such a perfect fit for me.
Maybe the 70 would work but man I still like to have a little bit-O-float under me
at 80KG.”
Hi Jeff,
Did you see the Rocket Fish 82?
Rocket Fish 82(235cm x 56cm) (7’8″).

Here’s a better shot of the Rocket Fish 68…extrapolate up a bit for the RF82…

I chatted with Sean O today…here is his response to Jeff’s volume concerns with the new SO Classic waveboard that replaces his Drops 2-Stroke design…

“Please mention to Jeff, that I truly believe the 70 (73lts volume) is going to be a good alternative to his 76 lt. which was really a 74 lt board. Volume and water displacement are important in designs of the board.

Customizing a board for a sailor, I really take into consideration the wind and sail size he uses. As far as true volumes (there are almost names to categorize boards)…the most important thing to know about the evolution and progress of shaping has been the application of the concaves to dramatically improve out of the hole lift and lift through the carving turns with increase holding power.

I placed on the SO Classic Rocket a single concave with a double within from the nose to the mastrack area(concaves reach out closer to the rail. This lift ends up adding the proper lift compared to higher volume.

The 2 stroke had a slight nose concave that allowed the board to lift out of hole and helped board carve through turns holding the nose down…but it’s concave did not reach out to the rails as much as the SO Classic. Bottom line, the proof will be in the pudding.
I will get some sample boards out to soon.

Aloha Sean O”

Sean’s 76 liter 2-Stroke is an all time classic…still looks very contemporary…and he has a cult following…

The 4-Stroke also has a following…here are some pics of it in action… 

Some verrrry beeeeg name sponsored sailors have recently bought a few of Sean’s shizzle sticks…they know what up…Sean’s da man…

WARDOGMore Sean Ordonez Waveboard Info

Exocet Kona

Well, it looks like Patrice Belbeoch and Team Exocet have done it again…

The first combo production light air wave rider…light air cruiser…
stand up paddle board…available Spring ’06…

The return of the long boards is here now…back to the future…
This is how it all started…attaching a sail rig to a longboard surfboard…


Here’s a  pic of the Kona at the Paris Boat Show

“The Kona design is the next logical step to our policy at Exocet.
Our aim was to bring dagger board and long board back to the scene when we started that project 3 years ago
Back then we were all alone, now we have SB and Tabou joining the club, I hope to see many more in the future.

The Kona has a very pleasant ride in many different conditions of wind strength.
The “Duck tail” purpose is for a better ability in light wind conditions, it also allows old style free style.
Second reason for the duck tail is that the fin is now very forward giving the board a very responsive tacking ability
The pure “Surf longboard” outline will allow to SURF descent wave.
And finally with wind over 12 knots the board can get full on the plane, it is actually fairly fast and the jibe response is good.
We are still working on the retail price, our aim is to offer the board to a wide range of sailors, so it will go to the un-expensive side.”

–Patrice Belbeoch (Exocet)

“The Exocet team has developed and added just that “missing link” to its 06 program. The Kona is designed with sub planing conditions and simplicity in mind. (Delivered complete with two optional sail sizes) We have given it sufficient volume, a flat rocker, soft rails and a gently curved outline. In other words nothing over stated or Titanic’ish. Our aim was to build a practical, (easy transportable) maneuverable, – thus making it challenging for all skill levels -(executing classical tricks becomes a breeze) good looking, and most of all excellent sub planing performer. This has been an exiting and rewarding project for us, and for those of you that have the opportunity; Come and have a close look at the very first (new generation) longboard displayed at the Paris Boatshow in early December.”

Here’s a few more pics of the Kona…it’s l@@king pretty good…
I like the stepped tail…that’s a George Greenough technique…chined rails could be good as well…once planing, fools the H20 into thinking the wetted surface area is smaller overall…

Scroll down to Post #26 – #31… 

The American importer ,Steve Gottlieb ,says:
 “I am more excited by the Exocet Kona than any board I have seen in a
long time. It is a very innovative approach that is a long time
overdue. It is in no way similar to the Fanatic Fly 290 which was just
a little over 9 feet and around 100 liters and no dagger board. The
Kona is 11.5 feet and 220 liters with a flush mounted fully retractable
daggerboard. It is designed primarly for non planing conditions but
will also work on a plane as well. The crossover to stand up paddling
and surfing are added bonuses. There are two versions available one
featuring an EVA deck which will be nice for entry level and surfing.
Exocet is fully commited to creating many new boards designed for
lightwind and non planing conditions. Check out the Pacer 290, 300 and
watch for a Pacer 380 longboard coming out in the spring. Come this
spring when its blowing 5 or 6 knots and there is a small glassy swell,
I know what will be under my feet. It will be a Kona and as their North
American importer I am betting many others will feel the same way.

The F2 New Move 280 was closer to what we are talking about here…

I remember it being under 100 liters…with the F2 you could freestyle , jump, and ride waves
9’2″ (280cm)WIDTH 62.5CM (24.6″) VOLUME 105L…

The stand up paddle surfing and paddling crossover ability is really going to set this board apart…

Then add on how floaty and stable it is…with daggerboard…and it will be an awesome teaching board…and subplaning cruiser/freestyler…and if it planes up like Patrice is saying…what’s not to like?!?!

I can’t wait…I have a couple of custom stand up paddle boards with mast tracks coming from Sean Ordonez…but, we will have some Konas for delivery this Spring…we’ve already taken a number of pre-season orders…

I think they are gonna be a home run…

I’ve built 3 stand up paddles using broken RDM tops…doing down-winders is one of the kewl things to do on a stand up paddle board…stroke and glide…there is now between 100-200 people on Maui doing this…great core workout…even on windy days…your body acts like a sail…

Laird Hamilton has been leading the way…
“Sometimes it might be like a re-candling of an old fire, like stand-up paddle, where you’re bringing back something ancient but with new equipment so it makes it a whole new sport but it’s not really a new sport… There’s a saying in the garment industry : « There’s no new ideas, it’s just a new Application of an old idea ».”

Jeff Henderson (Hot Sails Maui) has also been leading the way as he’s been using longboards for years now…stand up paddling them and sailing/wavesailing them in combination with his colorful, soft, durable Super Freaks… 

The Kona has a lot of promise…the retractable daggerboard is going to be like having a small motor…it will solve the upwind issues…

The return of the longboard has gotten a little traction in the past…
This was a ’96 article in Windsurfing Mag…sidebar…”Following Surfing’s Lead

Maybe we’ll get it right this time…and make “defenders of the longboard”, like our buddy Jack, proud again…that is, if he hasn’t totally converted to FW by now…I know I sent him and his racing buddy new short, wide, FW boards not too long ago…gasp…the heresy…;-)

BUT…this isn’t your daddy’s longboard…
You would have to be blind to not see the potential here…
John and Jane Q. could be stand up paddling (instead of kayaking, or in addition to), on any muddle puddle anywhere…and learn to windsurf on it in light air…with a colorful sail…the same board that the top athletes in the world are sailing and/or stand up paddling into Jaws with…that’s bigtime surfing “kewl” factor…coming soon to Outside Magazine…they follow everything the Uberfamily does…

Check out Laird stand up paddling the Grand Canyon:

Another interesting aspect is that we are seeing the sport of stand up paddling/paddle surfing being embraced by…gasp…kiters…
Trickle down effect…surfing…Laird…kewl…

Starboard’s light air effort is the Serenity…non-planing…obviously not a wave rider…freestyle…don’t think so…
I would venture that it’s also too tippy to stand up paddle…
They must have something else up their sleeve…

Exocet also has a board in the hybrid category…the Pacer…interesting times… 

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