Maui Helmetcam Vid Clips


Here’s a couple of helmetcam vid clips from the North Shore of Maui guaranteed to fire up the stoke
for the coming season…

Maui Helmetcam: Peaceout
             Maui Helmetcam: Stoke

WARDOGMaui Helmetcam Vid Clips

Wishing you a FINtastic New Year!!!

…& much health, peace, & prosperity!!!

WARDOG fin designs

WARDOGWishing you a FINtastic New Year!!!

SOS Big Red vs. Exocet Kona

We haven’t received the Exocet Kona Surfs in the US yet…prolly about a month out…but, we’ve hooked up
many happy sailors with Kona Styles

I have been asked basically the question of relative differences dozens of times…so I put a gallery of pics
together comparing the Kona Style with the SOS standup / wavesailing longboards…
I think the surfboard refinements of the SOS boards are pretty obvious…

SOS Big Red vs. Exocet Kona

longboard wavesailing in Santa Barbara

longboard surfsailing in Santa Barbara

The Kona is a sailboard…but, it definitely functions as a
standup board to do downwinders…and it can ride waves…

We shipped one of our carbon paddles to a guy in Sweden to make him the 1st beach boy surfer in
Sweden…and he got a Kona to facilitate that…

standup paddle surfing on a Kona

More pics here & here

Here is Big Red planing in light air longboard surfsailing mode:

longboard windsurfing on a standup paddleboard in Santa Barbara

WARDOGSOS Big Red vs. Exocet Kona

SO Shapes in Santa Barbara

Sean enjoying a standup sesh in Santa Barbara:
Check out pics of the new Sean Ordonez custom SUP’s Big Green (13’0″) & Big Red
Surf Canoe (14’0″)…(click on picture below)
Sean Ordonez in Santa Barbara

WARDOGSO Shapes in Santa Barbara


New SOS Standup Paddleboards:
Check out more pics of the new Sean Ordonez SUP’s Big Red (11’11”) & Big Blue (10’10”)
Standup Paddle Boards



SOS Production Standup Paddleboards

SOS Production Standup Paddleboards:
The new production Sean Ordonez standup paddleboards are here!!!
Big Red (11’11”) and Big Blue (10’10”) have never looked so gorgeous…
We’re really stoked on how they turned out…:-)
sean ordonez shapes, standup paddleboards
 Sean Ordonez Shapes, production standup paddleboards
These are the 1st production standup paddle surfboards  available in the world.
We know that these beauties are going to put miles of smiles on their owners….
The 1st round is sold out at MSRP $1300, with the next shipment from the factory due in ~ 3 weeks…lots mo’ info on them in this BLOG…Da Blog…

WARDOGSOS Production Standup Paddleboards

Bamboo Standup Paddleboards

Bamboo Standup Paddleboards:
Sean Ordonez has just finished up a couple of new bamboo SUP racers…
13’6″ & 14’6″…standup paddle boards, standup paddle surfing
standup paddle boards, bamboo paddleboards
 Sean Ordonez (top)…Campbell (bottom)
They have been training for the Molokai to Oahu Paddleboard Race , July 30th.
Sponsored by QuikSilverEdition.

“This race is the most challenging and prestigious of its kind in the world. A 32-mile paddleboard race across the treacherous waters of the Ka’iwi Channel, it is the ultimate measure of strength, endurance and agility. To inaugurate the event, Hawaiian will priests conduct a sacred ceremony in full traditional garb, sounding conch shell horns and blessing the race with ancient prayers. A celebration with food, live music by Titus and Melvin and an awards ceremony will await competitors at the finish line. Also, defending champion and QSE team rider Jamie Mitchell will be on site to sign autographs.”

Only the world’s finest paddlers compete in this event. They are respected for their achievements and inspire others to reach for success…”



WARDOGBamboo Standup Paddleboards

2-piece Pohaku Standup Paddles

NEW: 2-piece Pohaku Standup Paddles
We are now offering two-piece paddles in 84″ assembled length…can easily be cut to your desired size, and they have a stainless steel, spring-loaded pin, that connects the ferrule together for a strong connection.
Very convenient for traveling or just everyday use.
standup paddle, Pohaku paddle, standup surfing paddle, 2-piece paddle
The 2-piece paddle is $349 and an optional compartmentalized bag is offered for $25.


WARDOG2-piece Pohaku Standup Paddles

Sean Ordonez Shapes Sailboards

SOS Wave board lineup:
Introducing the new Sean Ordonez production waveboard lineup…
sos, sailboard, sean ordonez

The boards come complete with a custom foiled fin and ono DaKine straps...MSRP $1350


WARDOGSean Ordonez Shapes Sailboards

Bamboo Standup Paddleboard Racers

Bamboo Standup Paddleboards:
Sean Ordonez is just finishing up a couple of 13′ bamboo SUP racers…
standup paddle boards, bamboo paddle boards
 Sean Ordonez (left)…Campbell (right)
They have been training for the Maui International Paddleboard Race, July 23rd.

WARDOGBamboo Standup Paddleboard Racers