Minnesota Eric is Stoked for Life ®

Minnesota Eric is Stoked for Life ®

We recently built our long time client, Eric, a custom 9’5″ x 34″ Hammer SUP with mast track, Deep Tuttle box for a Maliko GoFoil…and, extra tie-down points for side handles and fishing/touring…etc…

Here’s a couple of pics and a killer customer testimonial that he sent us yesterday after it taking out to his local…

Stoked for Life®

Such a great day from End of Session

Subject: Hammer arrived!

Board arrived packed like King Tut’s Mom’s Cat – whatever that means. Good job you guys, No way it could be damage when care like that is taken during packing.

I got the board out today and took some pics for you guys to use however you want in promo or wall of fame or whatever. Hopefully my little story captures the excitement and stoke I feel today 🙂

Thank you Warren, Ian, Al, Nic, Deb and the rest of the SurfingSports Team. Stoked For Life!

After many years off the water, at first imposed by physical injury, then by a crazy ride down and back out of the dark hole of chemical addiction, I got lucky and reconnected with Wardog at SUP Sports he is a long distance friend of space and time , and mentor from my earlier water sports days. Wardog and Team SurfingSports are so much more than a random dealer on the internets, hucking stuff on the cheap. They care.

Wardog, Ian, Al and all at Team SurfingSports worked with me through the concept and design stage of this do it all Swiss army knife board (inspired by Wardog’s beast). Then kept me apprised as the rest of the artisans applied their magical hands and tools along the way on this 9’5” x 34” Hammer. From the front tie-downs for my fishing box onto the windsurfing mast that sits just ahead of the deep Tuttle box for the Go Foil Maliko to the back tail of the board peppered with fin boxes.

I am so stoked to be able to ride and learn on this new ride. I want to share that stoke with you and encourage you to what I have done with the help of Team SurfingSports; Build your own dream that connects you to the water and wave beneath your feet 🙂

Aloha to all, Live Life Now!

Eric S, Minnesota, USA

Stoked for Life®

UPDATE: July 4, 2017

Happy 4th all!

Got the Hammer to finally fly with 6.2 Charge and NO WHITECAPS – holy crap.
Just wanted for little puffs with texture, point off wind and PUMP with body and sail until you start to hear the “hummmmm” then LIFTOFF – Game changing!

I got numerous flight that seemed to last forever but when they were over I wanted MORE 😉
I suspect they were a few hundred yards each fully flying. I was able to adjust my feet a bit and play with the sail trim, sheeting has a big affect on attitude (climb,dive) as well as foot pressure.

I found a spot that worked for me was my back foot in surf stance just in front of front mast bolt with toes a bit outboard and front foot variable but left of centerline for sure. Got a Surface white nose guard on yesterday but no crashes, All landings were beautifully sweet even with a foil breach, just plopped me back down tail first and I sailed away with boom still in hand. Learning so much so quickly, the mind will have to catch up to the body but I think having a few flights on a Slingshot Alien Air and 15 inch mast Hover Glide was VERY helpful so I knew what the feeling would be like, just WAY different controlling pitch with the rig rather than the sail.

I wouldn’t say really harder, just different. Heading back out to the spot again today, wind is suppose to be about 10-15 tops. I can almost guarantee a fun session in these conditions with the 6.2, Hammer ArmyKnife and Maliko Go Foil Thanks Everyone for helping fuel my stoke! and Deb, I briefly mentioned you in my other email.

I’ve been a big fan of yours over the years in all the pictures Wardog posts of your sailing, surfing and paddling adventures!

Eric from Minnesota

Yesterday’s 4th of July setup (Aerotech Charge 6.2 and Boom from Surfing Sports dot Com circa 2003 🙂

WARDOGMinnesota Eric is Stoked for Life ®