USA Made Custom SUPs

USA Made Custom SUPs Here’s a few of the latest USA made custom SUPs coming out of our local production facility…with a bunch more are behind these… Aryeh gets a 6’8″ x 27″ Jammer…Fred up in Canada is getting an 8’6″ Jammer…Chris gets a really clean 10’3″ Hammer… Aryeh’s first sesh and he’s tearing it up on his 6’8″ Jammer…pretty …


Value Priced SUPs

Value Priced SUPs Many of our boutique SUP models are now available in painted epoxy construction for only $1099… These are premium quality, vacuum bagged, sandwich construction, with bamboo veneer top and bottom…light, tight, & bright!!! Includes non-H20 absorbing pad, new ergo-handle, self breathing air valve, double leash plugs, premium quality customized fin set, & big wave rated leash with …

WARDOGValue Priced SUPs

Adventures in Paradise

Adventures in Paradise Just got back from an epic surf trip to the South Pacific with some of my bros from the Pacific Northwest…pretty fun seeing my boards and fins going off in tropical waters…stay tuned…lots more to come..    

WARDOGAdventures in Paradise