The US premiere of the Danish surf film, STANDING ON WATER, is tonight at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival…

Screenings at 7PM 2/4 and 4PM 2/5 at the Fiesta 5 Theatre 916 State St.

Running time: 65 mins.


Standing on Water is a story of overcoming your fears and following your passion. It’s the journey of how Casper Steinfath despite his fear of water became one of the best stand up paddle surfers in the world as the only person from Denmark. It’s a story of how far passion can take you in life, even if you grow up in a small and isolated fishing village in the middle of nowhere. Strong family bonds, brotherhood, and the birth of a Danish surf community in what today is known as Cold Hawaii set the stage in this meditative portrait of a life lived by and for the ever-changing ocean.


Casper Steinfath grew up traveling the world with his mom, dad, and younger brother. He was always on a beach somewhere, playing by the waterside and tandem-surfing with his dad. However, as a child Casper developed a phobia of water, especially of his head being submerged. When the family settled down they chose a small fishing village in the north of Denmark called Klitmøller, not suspecting that this isolated community so close to the sea ironically held an even greater fear – parents refused to let their children play in the untamed power of the Nordic sea, in case the waters would claim them. Now at 21 years of age, Casper Steinfath has become the only Danish professional stand up paddle surfer and waterman, a 2-time ISA SUP world champion and surfing for a living. Follow Casper’s journey from taking the first steps in his childhood, through youth and adulthood on to a professional career in surfing. Standing On Water – the tides that shape a life.


Original music composed by Adam McKenzie
Songs by Spleen United, Meridian, Ice MC & Quick Quick Obey