California SUP Coastal Cruising

California SUP Coastal Cruising Magical day…California coastal cruising with lots of fishies…near the Gaviota Coast on our One World SUP designs… Aquarium SUP day vid clip…‪    

WARDOGCalifornia SUP Coastal Cruising

Bamboo Fins

Bamboo Fins Our gorgeous double veneer bamboo fins are in high demand…they sell out quickly, so we’ve tripled up our latest production run…   9″ vertical depth : 40.46 sq. in. 9.25″ vertical depth : 48.01 sq. in.   9.75″ vertical depth : 46.85 sq. in. Click on video below for 3D modeling and testing of the WD 9.25″ FreeWeed…

WARDOGBamboo Fins


ECOBOARD WOOD SUPS Our latest batch of California built vacuum bagged bamboo veneer ECOBOARD Project certified wood SUPs…the two boards on the left are 9’2″ x 32″ WD Stokes…then a 9’6″ x 32″ Stoke Wide and an 11’11” x 33″ One World Surfari custom on the right…also, a custom 7’11” Hammer… Incredibly strong build technology…hard to find better built boards…bombproof…light, …