Sailing SUP

Sailing SUP – WindSUP

Here’s another gorgeous sailing SUP…Hammer windSUP…that we just built for Andy out in North Carolina…
This all carbon Hammer windSUP is 8’11” x 31″ @ 148 liters…

Sailing SUP

Sailing SUP

Here is what Andy had to say…

Subject: 8’11” Hammer WindSUP
Hey Wardog —

Board arrived with zero damage. You guys really know how to pack ‘em — wayyyyy better than other boards I’ve had shipped. I wrote the “concealed damage” language on the delivery doc, but I’m 99.99% sure there’s no damage.

The construction is outstanding — light and (seemingly) strong, and everything finished perfectly. Graphics are similarly perfect — great job!

Picked it up yesterday and got it home in time for the wind to die (and there’s no surf). Paddled it briefly in 2-foot slop chop leftover from the wind. Early indications are stability is great — didn’t manage to fall — and that I need to work on my paddling technique to keep it tracking straighter. I also noted (thanks to your descriptions) that catching the slop downwind with the dying wind worked better the farther forward I went; board seemed to speed up the father forward I went.

Looking forward to getting to know it.


Andy K***** (Manteo, NC)

2nd ride report – 6/13/15

Hey Wardog — All really good (although still no real waves): sailed it in 14-28 averaging 20 mph on flat water/chop with a super freak 6.7 overpowered lots of the time.
It planes up easily and stays upwind easily, plenty of volume and stability to tack, and has the lovely SUP quality of making it almost impossible to totally blow a jibe.

I still don’t have turning dialed — but I think it is less responsive to conventional rail pressure with toe or heel pressure (or I’m doing it wrong) but very responsive to moving your back foot to the leeward or windward rail. I haven’t dialed in keeping speed through a jibe in short-period chop, but I’m pretty sure I’ll get that figured out.

I was very pleased at how smooth it was in crappy jet-ski influenced chop. Can’t wait to sail it in bigger swell. This morning I paddled it in offshore ocean wind with almost no waves. In smooth water it paddled really well – I was able to paddle with and spin around and follow a pod of dolphins and also paddle back in easily with decent speed against the ~15mph wind.

I managed to catch 2 tiny waves and was pretty excited by how fast the board accelerated. It paddled pretty straight, too — much better than in the washing machine chop I tried it in earlier. So far, so great =— and it’s still a work of art!

Best, Andy

Sailing SUP

Sailing SUP

Here’s a couple of video clips of the same board under sail…