California Built SUP’s

California Built SUP’s… Rob’s double sided Poplar One World Wide…11’1″ x 32″…heading to Virginia along with Regina’s all carbon 9’6″ Stoke…gorgeous earth tones…plus, a 10’3″ Mahalo Poplar for Matt in electric blue…hard to give these ECOBOARD Project beauties up…;-)

WARDOGCalifornia Built SUP’s

Best All Around SUP

Best All Around SUP The Hammer SUP is the best all-around SUP on the market…and, we have a number of them that have been built 100% here in the USA… Sturdy…powerful…versatile…that’s a Hammer for you…;-) Need the right tool to do the job right? Fresh into the shop are four California built carbon hybrid Hammers in “Electric Blue”..light, strong, fast, …

WARDOGBest All Around SUP

SUP T-shirts & Hats

SUP clothing We have lots of new SUP schwag rolling off of the presses…some of it is already available in the SCHWAG section of our online store…click on images below to purchase SUP t-shirts & hats… BUY NOW BUY NOW BUY NOW BUY NOW BUY NOW   BUY NOW   BUY NOW   Double embroidered hats…California Built t-shirts…plus, lots of …

WARDOGSUP T-shirts & Hats


WARDOG® SUP Fins A new look to our SUPer popular WARDOG® fin line…we also have lots of new surprises coming down the pipe…;-) These SUP fins have had over a decade of development…the performance will blow you away! For most SUP board companies, the SUP fins that are included with their SUP boards are just a cheap afterthought…but, to us …


Custom Paddle Boards

Erik, Regina, Jesse, & Cathy’s customs are fresh into the shop…what do your dream custom paddle boards look like?   Just got this email response from Regina in Virginia… “Wow wow wowweeee! looks dynamite.” Then, Cathy on Maui responds about hers… Wow wee! Yipee! Hot! I love it! I’m so excited! Erik was a little more reserved…must be a guy …

WARDOGCustom Paddle Boards

SUP Dreams

Making SUP Dreams Come True We’re making SUP dreams come true for our clients…one board at a time…;-) Here’s a couple of custom SUP’s just outta the oven…9’8″ Hammers for Joe and Brian…an, 11’1″ One World for Mark…also, a 7’8″ carbon Jammer for a special somebody…;-) More on the way for Cathy, Regina, Erik, Rob, Andy, Jesse, Matt, & Krista…