Following the Herd

NOT!!! If You Ride a Custom SUP

StandUp Paddle Sports® was established in 2005 and has been innovating and leading the way forward in the SUP market for the last 10 years…we didn’t get there by following the herd…heck, when we started there was no herd…;-)


Following the herd

As early pioneers in the sport of standup paddling, we were never out to be the biggest…or, the cheapest…you get what you pay for…our goal has always been aspiring to be the best…giving you the kind of board you pray for…;-)

Our innovations…and, first in market creations are industry recognized…we’ve raised the bar a number of times…and, continue to raise the bar…testing outside the box designs…busting down the dead end paradigms and dogma that comes from not getting enough sand between your toes…we are in the water nearly every single day…every day of the year…relentlessly pursuing our passion of creating the best SUP products on the planet…

You are not a cookie cutter individual…you wouldn’t describe yourself as “ordinary”…so, your board should reflect who you are…and, who you are is reflected in what you ride…extraordinary!

Our boutique quality custom SUP’s are built exactly to fit your personality, size, riding style, and conditions at your local venue(s)…

Custom SUP construction options include wood stringers, PowerLine stringers, S-glass lamination, Technora Kevlar mesh lamination (VectorNet), carbon fiber lamination, wood sandwich construction, and custom paint and airbrushing.

We can also exactly duplicate any artwork you give us on your board, as long as you own the copyright to it…

custom SUP

We are building you the nicest looking boards on the water!

Our team is skilled at creating your very own functional and personal piece of paddleboarding art…

Here are some custom SUP options that we are currently working on…

Our value proposition to you, our customer, is to build you a board that you are proud of and stoked to paddle.

Our custom SUP boards are crafted with love right here in America.
Our highest level of attention to detail and striving for excellence is poured into each and every custom SUP that we build.

WARDOG ® has spent decades relentlessly pursuing the holy grail of board and fin design…combined with our inside connection to the best glassing factories in Southern California, utilizing state of the art materials and time-tested methods of manufacturing by the best local board building craftsmen.

QUALITY…VALUE…PERFORMANCE…our Stoked For Life ® clients say it all…

WARDOGFollowing the Herd