WaveWalk Standup Fishing Kayak

We are an authorized dealer for the patented WaveWalk standup fishing kayak…and, have the W500 & W570 kayaks in stock…

Wavewalk kayak

3D animation virtual tour of the Wavewalk 500, which is the world’s most stable fishing kayak. This short video shows the basic structure of this patented boat, its roomy and comfortable cockpit, and the huge, dry and easily accessible storage space in its twin hulls.

What’s a W Kayak?

W is a name given to a patented invention recognized as a new type of watercraft.
Since it is lightweight and narrow enough for its passengers to propel with kayak paddles, the US Coast Guard (USCG) classifies the W as a kayak.

The W features two full twin hulls joined by a central structure dubbed Saddle, which is
similar to the saddle of personal watercraft (PWC), also known as jet-skis.
Unlike common catamarans, the W’s cockpit offers passengers to sit or stand with a leg in each hull.

Unlike common kayaks, the W does not force its users to sit in the non-ergonomic L-position, with their legs stretched in front of them. Instead, the W offers to ride its saddle in a naturally comfortable, stable and powerful posture…W passengers can also stand up anytime they want, lay down on the saddle and stretch their back, or sit in a more relaxed posture.

The W kayak’s unique combination of improved stability, ergonomics and hydrodynamics offers its users unrivaled performance when they paddle with either kayak or canoe paddles, as well as when they motorize it with electric motors or with powerful outboard gas engines.
Models from the new W570 series come ready for offshore motorizing, which gives them an advantage over small micro-skiff and other car-top motorboats.

The patented twin-hull Wavewalk is stabler than any kayak, and it enables you to paddle and fish standing comfortably and in confidence
It is totally back pain free…
The W500 & W570 offers you a bigger and drier storage space than any kayak does…
It’s easier for anyone to paddle even if they’re big, elderly or not in great shape.
It tracks perfectly in strong wind, and it keeps passengers dry even in choppy water.
Mobility? With this new craft you can launch, go, fish and beach where others can’t…
Solo or tandem? You get both, and sometimes more…
The W500 & W570 delivers unrivaled performance in paddling, fishing and motorizing…

Standup paddling the W kayak…

Best value: This new watercraft is more versatile and user friendly than kayaks are, and it doesn’t require that you spend money on costly accessories…
The WaveWalk weighs just 60 lbs, and it’s easy for one person to carry and car top.

Unrivaled in paddling, fishing and motorizing…

The world’s most stable fishing kayak, even stabler than kayaks equipped with outriggers.
The only comfortable kayak, offering you the riding position and various additional positions, so you can avoid leg and back pain, fatigue, and getting wet.
The easiest kayak to paddle. It’s narrower than other fishing kayaks, tracks better in strong wind, and requires no rudder – ever.
The only kayak offering real-world, true stand-up paddling and fishing in safety and confidence, plus a 14.5″ high saddle to help you regain your balance if you lose it.

The world’s most mobile kayak lets you to launch, paddle, fish and beach where other kayaks won’t go.
The roomiest kayak, offering several times more storage space than any other kayak, and room for a second adult passenger on board, or two children.
The driest and most versatile kayak out there, for any weather and water condition including cold water, shallow water and the ocean surf.
WaveWalk offers you both best performance and best value since you have to purchase no special car-rack, rudder, seat, outriggers or trailer.
The most effective and easiest kayak to motorize, and the only one that performs as a personal, portable car-top micro-skiff.


Total Length: 136″ (345 cm).
Total Width: 29″ (73 cm).
Hull Width: 8″ (20 cm) in the cockpit area.
Saddle Width at Bottom: 12.5″ (32 cm)
Internal Hull Length: 136″ (345 cm) available for storage.
Cockpit-Opening Length: 72″ (183 cm). Internal cockpit space is longer, in the hull tips.
Cockpit Height: 17″ (43 cm) from the bottom of the hulls.
Saddle Height: 14.5″ (37 cm) from the bottom of the hulls.
Weight: 60 lbs (27 kg) without added accessories.
Storage Space: 8.8 cubic ft (66 gallons / 250 liters) of internal, dry, always accessible storage space, inside the cockpit, two hulls, and 4 hull tips.
Internal Volume: 117 gallons (15.7 cubic feet / 444 liters).

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