One Stop SUP Shop

Feeling gifty?
Our brick & mortar store has always been a “one stop SUP shop”…now that the holiday gift giving season has rapidly come upon us, we want to highlight a few of the killer nifty gifty products that we stock in our store and are also available in our online store, in addition to all of the boards, paddles, fins, bags, and other SUP accessories that we manufacture…

Gift Certificate / Store Credit:

How can you go wrong with letting your loved one(s) pick their own gift?
They really don’t want another fugly sweater and/or fruit cake…or, a tie or cologne…trust me on this…;-)

If your loved one(s) have never standup paddled, our SUP lessons are the perfect life changing gift that keeps giving…Stoked For Life ®

Gift certificate

You decide how much to enter…
When you order a Gift Certificate/Store Credit from us you will have the option of sending it to yourself or to a special someone…

You or that special someone will receive a unique Smart Coupon code that can be clicked on to apply towards payment for any product listed in our online store, or used in person for any product(s)at our brick & mortar store in Santa Barbara…

Waterproof iPods:

We have been standup paddling with music since 2005…and, we have cherry picked the two best available waterproof music options for you guys…

The Underwater Audio waterproofed iPod Shuffle and the X-1 Interval waterproof case and standard iPod Shuffle…

These fourth generation 2GB Apple iPods are gonna put more stoke in your every stroke…

waterproof iPod

Waterproof iPod

waterproof iPod


The previous blog post pretty much highlighted the awesome capabilities of having your own robotic cameraman…
We have the SOLOSHOT2 in stock…
Everybody quickly gets tired of the same GoPro footage angle…now, you can mix in some footage shot from land to make your movies more interesting…


Handirack Inflatable Roof Rack:

The only viable and secure soft rack solution for SUP’s…we have personally put these to the test in several foreign countries off road…
The only way to travel with boards on the car roof…

handirack soft rack

handirack soft rack

Lockable Board Straps:

We stock the 11′ & 13′ Kanulock and the 12′ and 15′ Steelcore locking board straps…

Anybody that straps anything of value, like your beloved SUP(s) to their car, truck, van, or motor home owes it to themselves to buy a little more peace of mind…these are INDUSTRIAL security devices…

Just 5 minutes at a roadside cafe, beach or parked somewhere and your expensive SUP equipment is GONE!
With regular tie-downs anyone can walk up to your car and take your board within 10 seconds, without any tools and without attracting any attention.

Steelcore locking board strap

Steelcore locking board strap

Kanulock locking board strap

Kanulock locking board strap

Krypt Surf Mats and ERS4 Swim Fins:

One of the funnest alternatives to SUP surfing is mat surfing…a Krypt surf mat and a pair of ERS4 swim fins is all you need…
Pack one on your next surf trip…or, keep one in your car for hopping into the water at a spur of the moment before, after, or during your daily commute to work…your boss will wonder why you smile all of the time…;-)

Krypt Mat surfing

Krypt Mat surfing

Body Glove Belt Pack PFD:

Give the gift of safety with a Body Glove Belt Pack PFD…your loved one won’t even know it’s on…until they need it…it’s also a Coast Guard requirement in many locations…will save an expensive ticket…

Body Glove SUP belt PFD

Body Glove SUP belt PFD


U.S. Coast Guard Approved Type V Flotation
29lbs of buoyancy
Recommended for Adult use
Manual (ripcord) Activation for CO2
33 gram CO2 cylinder includes safety whistle
Ripstop nylon outer shell for added durability
Adjustable 1-1/2″ woven belt with quick release buckle
Front zip pocket for added storage
PFD storage flap with Velcro closure
Inflatable PFD Size: Adult (chest size 30″-52″)

We have lots more cool goodies in stock…SUP Sports® board bags, paddle bags, paddle covers…Hobie polarized sunglasses, SUPreme SUP specific wetsuits, Hyperflex booties, Mahiku Activewear…our own killer line of high quality SUP Shwag…iconic logo t-shirts, embroidered thermal lined hoodies, jackets & hats…etc…