We have the new SOLOSHOT2 robotic cameraman in stock…BUY NOW


film yourself… automatically

Film yourself from up to 2,000 ft. away without relying on a second person.

SOLOSHOT2 puts you in control so you can capture what you want, when you want, every time. Improve your skills or share that epic moment – no worries, no hassles and no bathroom breaks!

Simply attach your camera, pair the Base & Tag together and SOLOSHOT2 will automatically pan & tilt your camera to to keep you in the shot.

Check out the SOLOSHOT2 Camera Controller Accessory for Automatic Zoom* tracking and to send record/shutter commands right from your Tag.

Pair your Tag to multiple Bases to film yourself from multiple angles simultaneously. Pair multiple Tags to a single Base to film your friends too and it will automatically track the closest, fastest or whoever pressed their Tag’s “follow me” button. You can even combine multiple Bases and Multiple Tags to film events!

Battery Life – Up to 8 Hours Base, 4 Hours Tag.

This was my initial user experience with the new SoloShot2 robotic video camera controller…took a couple of sessions to dial it in…but, if you follow the cheat sheet correctly it all should fall into place…it started out in low lighting conditions early in the morning…but, you can see how I figured out how to clean up the focus as the session goes on…

I am using the new Sony AX100 4K vid cam…so, getting use to a couple of pieces of new technology and their hand shake protocols…plus, riding my Wardog designed 7’10” carbon Jammer in small, weak, waves…loved the dolphins cruising by at 7:10!