Production Carbon Hammers

We’ve been so slammed with custom Hammer orders that we have had to initiate a run of production carbon Hammers to help satisfy demand of these carbon sup boards…not bad problemos to have…;-)

Carbon SUP boards

These are all in full SUPerlite carbon construction…Maui Blue…Seafoam…and, Green Apple…with, brushed white decks and dual pin lines…should have them in a couple of weeks…they will go fast, as a number of them have already been secured with a deposit…

Production Carbon Hammers

Carbon SUP boards

7’11” x 31” x 4.4”: 132 liters (Quad +1)

8’5” x 31” x 4.4”: 140 liters (Quad +1)

8’11” x 31” x 4.4”: 148 liters (Quad +1)

9’5” x 31” x 4.4”: 160 liters (Quad +1)

9’5” x 33” x 4.6”: 178 liters (Quad +1)

10’0” x 31” x 4.4”: 170 liters (Quad +1)

We have demos of the above sizes at the shop by appointment…

No worries if you want a custom…we’re cranking them out as fast as possible…stock sized blanks have faster turnaround…~4-6 weeks…

Here’s part of a batch that we are currently working on…

Production Carbon Hammers

WARDOGProduction Carbon Hammers