Hammer SUP

We have consolidated a heap of the info and images on our Hammer SUP models into a web page for easier viewing… WD blasting down a high line in the pocket with the Hammer’s built-in burst of speed…magic carpet ride… All of the shapes we offer are developed and tested by Wardog Designs, inclusive of our SUP SPORTS and HAMMER …


SUP Sports August Newsletter

Our August newsletter has been released…lots of exciting things happening in the SUP Sports world…

WARDOGSUP Sports August Newsletter

SUP Shipping

If you’ve been putting off getting a standup paddle board (SUP) because there is no dedicated SUP store near you…or, you don’t feel comfortable buying a SUP from a big box store who piles up boxes of diapers next to them and there is nobody there that has any experience…or, your spider senses start to tingle when that dude selling …


Windsurfing Lake Lopez

A fun summer day windsurfing Lake Lopez…great place to go zoom around in the sun when you wake up to foggy drizzle and flat wave conditions on the coast… More images of windsurfing Lake Lopez in this GALLERY…

WARDOGWindsurfing Lake Lopez

Fresh SUP Arrivals

More fresh SUP boards arrived yesterday…with more on the way in a few weeks… Always a great day when Jacob shows up bearing gifts…;-) Al and Dave playing board box origami…;-) Deb getting things organized for client pick ups and shipping… This special order is off to a client in Santa Cruz…if we somehow don’t have what you want in …

WARDOGFresh SUP Arrivals

Summer Fun

Marie and Christian having some Summer fun on their new Hammers down in warm, glassy, small wave conditions in Orange County…

WARDOGSummer Fun

Carbon Hammers

A few more pics of our latest round of carbon Hammers…custom made for you right here in the “Golden State” on California’s “Gold Coast”…born in the 805… Jack picking up his new Hammer…Stoked For Life!!! Marie is in love with her new Hammer…Stoked For Life!!! Double carbon deck patch and rail wrap…

WARDOGCarbon Hammers

Custom SUP’s

The latest round of custom SUP’s have finished production…these are carbon Hammers… We still have to pad Marie’s and Mike’s today…and, finish finning up Mike’s and Jack’s center fins…then, just add waves…;-)


Stoked For Life Trucker Hats

Stoked For Life ™ trucker hats are here… Fresh shipment hit the shelves and are flying out the door… Lightweight UV protection for your brain bucket and eyes…great quality…mesh breathable…adjustable…2/$25…

WARDOGStoked For Life Trucker Hats

Dog on a SUP

If you have a pic of a dog on a SUP…send it to us and we’ll add it to this blog post… This is Ted…he is a Schipperke…also known as the “Belgian Barge Dog”…they love to hang out at the front of boats and warn their skippers of impending danger…he will be of great value to his owners, Becky and …