Surfing the Hammers

Spent some time surfing the Hammers this morning…our new 8’5″ x 31″ and 9’5″ x 31″…both of them handled the beach break waves like a champ…

WARDOGSurfing the Hammers

Paddling Our Hammer SUP’s

Deb and Dave got to have some fun paddling our Hammer SUP’s… Dave on the 8’5″ x 31″ Hammer… Deb on the 8’11” x 31″ Hammer… Dave on the 9’5″ x 31″ Hammer Deb powering on the 9’5″ x 31″ Hammer Deb and Dave on the 10′” x 31″ Hammer

WARDOGPaddling Our Hammer SUP’s

SUP Sports Boards

In addition to the killer custom SUP Sports boards that you’ve been seeing here…we have racks and racks of our gorgeous boutique quality SUP boards…in our production Australian Pine and carbon finishes in stock…

WARDOGSUP Sports Boards

Hammers At The Beach

Our new Simmons SUP inspired Hammers at the beach… No waves to test the new Hammers out in…but, they sure do look colorful at the beach…like Summer beach balls…and, they really paddle well…phenomenal stability and glide…along, with maneuverability…

WARDOGHammers At The Beach

Summer Solstice SUP Series

Happy Summer! Here’s our new Summer Solstice SUP Series carbon hybrid acid washed abstract art Hammers…phew…that’s a mouth full…;-) 8’5″…9’5″…10″…all by 31″ width…all with the Chisel Shizzle Tail…one of a kind…made in the 805…USA… Unbelievable response to these homegrown works of art today in the shop…had to fight a couple of guys off from taking them with…not ready to part …

WARDOGSummer Solstice SUP Series

Happy SUP Summer

Great event for the first day of Summer with Jenny Schatzle’s Beach Games benefit for the American Heart Association! We welcomed the opportunity to share our happy SUP Summer stoke on standup paddling with Jenny’s fitness followers… We offer SUP lessons and rentals…we also have a great “try before you buy” program where instead of paying for a rental of …

WARDOGHappy SUP Summer

SUP Paddles

Another shipment of our SUP paddles just arrived…best bang for the buck on the market…premium quality at $100 less than comparable paddles…you can purchase our SUP paddles online in our SUP store or, you can purchase our SUP paddles online at our Facebook Store… Bennett Williams dropping into a beast of a wave powered by our 100 sq. in. carbon/bamboo …


SUP Fins

Designed by WARDOG, our SUP fins feature the progressive twist and flex characteristics of bamboo, and as an added bonus you get a greener product as the bamboo displaces up to 40% of the resin. WARDOG employs his Oceanography and Engineering background in the quest for the perfect fin, but all the science in the world is not a replacement …


8’11” Hammer SUP

Here’s a short vid clip of the 8’11” Hammer SUP on a small day, that highlights why the Hammer series SUP’s are so much fun…short length SUP’s with longboard and shortboard riding attributes… Here’s a vid clip that I threw together of Al Fimlaid’s first ride on 8’5″ Da Hammer in some funky, weak, wind swell waves… Da Hammer cracked …

WARDOG8’11” Hammer SUP

More New Hammers

We have more new Hammers coming down the production line…each of these Hammer SUP models will have carbon decks and rails…

WARDOGMore New Hammers