Surf Expo

The greatest surf industry trade show on earth…

SURF EXPO……..BOOTH # 1295….Near the POOL…..

Come by and check us out tomorrow! We have some AMAZING BOARDS / PADDLES on display…also, lots of bamboo core SUP fins and accessories…

Stand Up Paddle Sports Brings New Line of SUPs to SurfExpo

The 1st professional World Surfing Champion, Peter (PT) Townend…and, Body Glove family member, Billy Meistrell, stopping by the booth…thanks for the support guys…

Stand Up Paddle Sports Brings New Line of SUPs to SurfExpo

Hella waterman, King Laird Hamilton…and, our Director of Marketing and Business Development, Big Will Vasquez…comparing shaka size…;-)

Surf Divas….Boards with a female flare, and our Sup Sports Paddles…..sweet pairing!

We had a tremendous response to our boards at the show…from dealers and distributors all up and down the East Coast and Canada…to Brazil, Japan, France, Germany and the UK…all kids of folks getting Stoked for Life…

Talking about the importance of fins and board performance with Zane Schweitzer…

UPDATED 1/1/2015

Our boutique bamboo core fin line is available through the Focus distribution network to distributors/dealers worldwide…also, available as an aftermarket upgrade exclusively to select SUP and surf shop dealers through us at StandUp Paddle Sports

Not plain Jane vanilla SUP’s…F a bunch of that…;-)

Stand Up Paddle Sports Brings New Line of SUPs to SurfExpo

Designed by SUP Pioneer Warren “Wardog” Thomas, These Boards Make StandUp Paddlers Paddle Better

September 6, 2012—Today, at Surf Expo 2012, SUP Pioneer Warren “Wardog” Thomas launched his new line of Stand Up Paddle boards and announced substantial distribution partnerships with FOCUS SUP and Body Glove SUP. Collaborating with legendary shaper, Art Colyer, Wardog produced 15 world-class SUP models.

“I’ve been designing boards and fins for 30 years and discovered SUP back in the early 2000’s. My goal is to make the sport more accessible to riders of all abilities, shapes and sizes from a RIDERS perspective. Our new models are as classic as they are beautiful, with a focus on quality, value, and performance. We are very excited to demo them at Surf Expo and I’m stoked to develop partnerships with FOCUS SUP and Body Glove SUP as they feel like ohana (family) to me.”

After collaborating with Sean Ordonez on Maui in 2005 to manufacture
the world’s first production SUP’s, Wardog has since opened Sup Sports in Santa Barbara, CA, the 1st dedicated Sup Shop in North America.

“Our boards are flying out of the shop—thanks in part to our great partnerships. The word is spreading across the country. We have customers in all 50 states, and beyond, which is amazing to see,” said Thomas.

To demo the boards or to learn more, please visit Wardog and team in booth #1295 near the pool.

The Focus FSB family now includes it’s founding brand Focus SUP but now joining the group are Stand Up Paddle Sports SUP, Surf Diva SUP and Body Glove SUP.


The Focus SUP designer and SUP advocate Nitzan Benhaim lives stand up paddling every day and with his SUP line of boards developed in the waters of Hawaii since that late 2000’s, has built a range that you can surf, race or just cruise.
Nitzan has just ended a journey down the East Coast, with the latest Focus SUP’s, battle tested from that trip, he and the Focus SUP Sprinter will be in Salt Lake City for Outdoor Retailer.


Historically, Stand Up Paddle Sports SUP is one of the original SUP brands launched in the early 2000’s by one of the pioneers of stand up paddle culture Warren “Wardog” Thomas.
“Wardog” and his wife Debbie started retailing SUP’s in 2006 and opened the first fully dedicated SUP retail location in Santa Barbara a year later, which today is one of the SUP industry’s most influential retailers.
He’s seen it all and that knowledge reflects in Stand Up Paddle Sports SUP line of state of the art designs.


The Surf Diva girls, Izzy and Cojo Tihanyi bring the female flavor to the world of SUP with creation of Surf Diva SUP. Izzy is an avid SUP’er , paddling almost every day with the students in the Surf Diva Surf and Standup School in La Jolla, she has paddled almost everything and will bring that knowledge to the design table as we develop a range of SUP’s built specifically for women.


With sixty years in the surf/action sports Body Glove “The Ultimate Water Sports Brand” brings it’s historic brand strength to the FSB family.
In conjunction with Focus SUP designer Nitzan they have developed a focused line built for fun and cruising with a clean graphics package and a special 60th Anniversary board personally endorsed by Body Glove founder Bob Meistrell now in his Eighties and still active within the company.

See you in Salt Lake City for the OUTDOOR RETAILER July 31st, 2012 for “Demo Day” and then at Surf Expo September 6-8th, 2012 in Orlando.

For More Info Contact:

Doug Anderson

Peter “PT” Townend

About Focus SUP:

Focus SUP was established by Jacob Benzvi, Nitzan Benhaim and Tal Meirovitz in late 2008 with the idea of designing the best SUP boards. Designed in Hawaii, Focus SUP boards are sold worldwide.

Since it’s humble beginnings Focus SUP has evolved into FSB Inc. with it’s four lines FOCUS SUP, STAND UP PADDLE SPORTS, BODY GLOVE SUP and SURF DIVA SUP, providing “Boards for All Reasons” to the marketplace.

We are really stoked to partner with the Focus, Diva Surf, and obviously, the Body Glove ohanas…WOW…an international surf-based company celebrating their 60th year

Our core values are in alignment…honesty, integrity, R E S P E C T, and quality…the cornerstones for building any successful relationship or business…

We think that we have a powerhouse team of like-minded, hard working, fun loving pioneers assembled for this project…where, each of the individual pieces are strong…and, the collective whole of the group is even stronger than the sum of the individual pieces…

By utilizing the power of this synergy, we will be able to achieve results that far exceed each of our expectations…giving people all over the world the opportunity to enjoy our products designed and built with the highest quality, performance , and value on the market…