Exocet SUP’s

We’re trying to keep up with the incredible demand of our boards and paddles right now…lots of shipments will be arriving over the next several weeks…so we are introducing the new SUP line from Exocet, one of our favorite windsurfing board manufacturers, to fill some gaps…these boards are known for being durable and lightweight…


This is the new Evo 10′ x 30″ @ 161 liters in bamboo construction…$1499…we also have the 9’6″ x 29″ @ 130 liters…10’3″ x 30.3″ @ 176 liters…& 10’9″ x 30.7″ @ 198 liters

Here are a few quick shots…I’ll be filling in this page with more pics and details…

Lori and Kathryn…Santa Barbara’s newest wahine standup paddlers…loving their new Exocet Evo SUP’s and SUP Sports carbon bamboo hybrid paddles…

These Exocet SUP’s look really good on the water…stable boards with a very fast rocker line…the waterline and volume of the boards is about like boards 6″ longer….so, you can go a bit shorter for improved off-water mobility…

Deep double barrel concaves makes this board fast…fast paddling…fast on a wave…fast with a sail attached…there is a barely noticeable threaded insert in front of the handle to attach sail…easy peasy…

The 9’6″ Exocet Evo fits nicely in Peggy’s Nissan Xterra…she is going to sail and paddle it…sweet X-over board…

Here’s the 10’9″ x 30.7″…an 11′ SUP nicely squeezed into a 10’9″ body…

Nice amount of nose rocker…

Stock fin setup…

Bamboo fin upgrade is available…

From ASA to Carbon we did it all, and with thousands of
hours spent on water testing, our R&D program
includes all aspects from the very first design idea all
the way to the recommended lay up. A new computer
program has been integrated to our R&D department,
allowing our in house designers to respond to the most
complex tasks.

Our aim is to use the best quality material suitable to
every specific design. We have introduced several new
technologies combining different qualities, for example
our Custom Made Wood Sandwich technology offer the
advantage of being light and at the same time adding
sufficient flex to the boards, well adaptable to all kind of
long boards down to the smallest speed board.
Our fin boxes are recognized as the most durable and
reliable on the market.

The combination of several different materials like PVC,
fiberglass and Carbon ensure the highest level of
structural integrity and the most secure long term fit.
Again Exocet emphasize that it is not only enough to
produce excellent designs; the end product has to stand
up to the extreme stress the elements and the user is
throwing at it.

Our Racing line includes full carbon constructions with
wood reinforcements, ensuring superior stiffness and

High quality is definitely our best friend. Continuous
feedback from our dealers, forum and active team help
us to meet the latest market demands, and Exocet
remains one of the very few companies offering three
complete production technologgies: Soft deck, ASA and
composite sandwich boards.