Stoke in Costa Rica

A couple of our Ventura clients, who have had us build them carbon 9’6″ Stokes, are having lots of fun on them down in Costa Rica…Bill just sent us this postcard…

Here’s Bill B

Warren and Guy,

The Stoke was great and worked superbly. We had big days the last 2 days when sets were 2-3 overhead. Only once did I feel that I should have had a thruster instead of the 4.5/4.0 quad set-up. Wish we had some pics of the bigger days, but everyone out surfing. Sets estimated at 2-3 overhead. We were estimating 400 yard rides. Tough in 90 degree air and 85 degree water as you would get very warm–but someone had to do it…

That is Bill F in the background in the second picture. He is riding his Stoke wide.

Thanks for all of your help.

~Bill B

We’ve had some great CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS from them and lots of other folks regarding the Stoke design…

WARDOGStoke in Costa Rica