Stoke in Costa Rica

A couple of our Ventura clients, who have had us build them carbon 9’6″ Stokes, are having lots of fun on them down in Costa Rica…Bill just sent us this postcard… Here’s Bill B

WARDOGStoke in Costa Rica

Fun Day at the Lake

Deb has wanted to go windsurfing this Spring…her sister from Alaska has already racked up a bunch of days between Hawaii and Texas…so when it got hot enough inland to suck a large fog bank into the coast, we loaded up the gear and headed away from the fog monster…;-) The fog monster chased us all the way to the …

WARDOGFun Day at the Lake

Alaska SUP’s

We’ve got some great clients in Alaska who have been pioneering spots up there on standup paddle boards for a few years now…their local snowboard mountain has had a number of avalanche alerts this spring…so, now it’s time to turn their attention back to watersports…and, fortunately for them (and us…;-) that means new boards… We have been pulling their order …


Big Boy SUP Toys

Some pics of the new carbon 9′ x 33″ Jumbo Jammer…and, the new 10’3″ x 33″ Mahalo Xtra-Wide…both alongside a standard 8’6″ x 31″ carbon Jammer… The Jumbo Jammer is spoken for…the other two are available first come first served…FeatherLite carbons at $2295…includes pad, bamboo fins, and leash… Robert is one stoked unit!…he’s out on the water right now… UPDATE: …


Spring Boarding

We’ve been super busy lately getting orders out to our new clients in Michigan, Arizona, Mississippi, Florida, Maine, Utah, New Jersey, South Carolina, and Rhode Island… MAHALOS…spring has sprung!!! Gaird will be getting his new carbon 9’6″ Stoke tomorrow…Gary, who lives down the road from Gaird in Redwood country, will also be getting one…it will also have a mast track …

WARDOGSpring Boarding

Wide Carbon SUP’s

Here’s a 9’6″ x 32″ Stoke Wide quad + 1 all finished up for Richard in Africa… Richard’s mantra : “The Road to Paradise is Paradise”… Here’s a roughed out 9′ x 33″ x 4 5/8″ Jumbo Jammer for Robert at 240#…this board has 5 Futures boxes…he has a shortboard surfing style despite being a bigger guy…this board is gonna …

WARDOGWide Carbon SUP’s