Stoke in Fiji

Dan G, one of our East Coast clients, recently took one of our production 9’6″ Stokes to Fiji…he’s a bigger guy that had been riding boards in the 10′ range…he sent a note and a couple of piccies…


“Can’t thank you and the crew at SS enough for several things. A)for helping me to decide to take a board and B) for deciding on the 9’6”.

Floats me great and is working great here.

Below is my FB status from today…. and today was 3-5 smaller than Saturday and Sunday.

Day 3 Namotu.

Couldn’t sleep past 4:30. Too excited to see how Namotu Lefts would look at first light. Dave Kalama walks onto the deck at 5:30 and says lets go. Who am I to argue with him….especially on his birthday.

Was on the boat with Dave at 6:00. Was I was dreaming or was I really riding 4-6′ perfect glassy lefts over the most beautiful reef I’ve ever seen with Dave hooting at my rides and me at his. I’m ruined for life.

A picture speaks a thousand words… all I can is the board worked….thanks!

With Sincere Appreciation,

You da man…

Dan Gottlieb (Margate, NJ)

PS The board arrived to Fiji in perfect condition. SurfingSports rules!”

WARDOGStoke in Fiji