2012 Amundson Hawaii SUP’s

John Amundson (Amundson Designs Hawaii) has released a couple of new lightweight, and durable, Cobra Factory built SUP’s for 2012 with great pricing…a versatile 10’6″ x 30″ ($1249) and an 11’4″ x 29″ ($1299) with a canoe nose…both have the versatility of a mast foot option…

When it comes to knowledge of boards and water, few designers have as much experience as board shaper John Amundson. A true waterman, John lives on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii shaping surf, kite and SUP boards for some of the world’s best riders. John brings 25 years of shaping experience to the Aquaglide/ Amundson board line.

Amundson 10’6”::

The 10’6” is a true cross-over design. Paddlers up to 160 pounds will enjoy this board for flat-water cruising, but it is also suited to paddlers up to 220 pounds who want to use it in the surf as well. At 30” wide and 158 liters, this board is very stable, making it easy to get out through the shore-break and paddle into waves. This is especially nice when there is choppy water in the line-up. The narrow tail and three-fin set-up make it fun and maneuverable on the wave, while retaining good tracking in flat-water.

AST construction

10’6” x 30” x 4¼”

158 liters, weight 24¾ lbs.

Retail $1249.95

Amundson 11’4” TR::

Amundson really pushed the “Tour/Race” category off the charts in 2011 with the 12’6” TR. Now here comes the little sister, the 11’4” TR. This sleek craft is perfect for lighter riders who may not be interested in racing, but also don’t want to paddle a surf-style board around the lake. They get the improved glide and speed that the TR boards offer, but without all the extra length, volume, and weight of a full 12’6”. The displacement bow slices through the water smoothly, and the flat-water rocker line keeps on track during sessions geared towards fitness and fun.

AST construction

11’4” x 29” x 4¾”

187 liters, 27 lbs.

Retail $1299.95

The 10’6″ x 30″ Amundson compared to the 10’5″ x 30″ Starboard Drive…

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