The World’s Lightest Strongest SUP Technology


California Built SUPs


That’s usually the first exclamation that we hear when someone picks up one of our new
SUP Sports® carbon SUP’s…our 136 liter 8’6″ WD models weigh in at a super strong 13.9#…these are a couple of the lightest and strongest paddle boards in the world and they are MADE IN THE USA!!!

Made in USA custom SUP's

Made in USA SUP's

Compare to Starboard brushed carbon SUP’s…at more than $1000 less!!!

lightest sup

lightest sup

I personally prefer the gray or black pads that we have been putting on over the StarTouch traction surface…but, we just got some colorful new pad options in for folks asking for more color…

lightest sup

lightest sup

WARDOGThe World’s Lightest Strongest SUP Technology