Living The Stoke

Everyone knows our famous byline…Stoked For Life™

Now, here’s a new movie by Australian film maker, Robert Pirie…”Living The Stoke”…that conveys the meaning of S T O K E

“Life is pretty simple when you break it down to the basics . Treat others how you want to be treated , enjoy and respect nature and keep hold of your simple pleasures. It’s so easy to be swept up by the corporate merry go round , a ride that eventually spins you into your grave.

Our mission statement is to capture and celebrate our natural surroundings and have one hell of a time while we are doing it.”

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves…

“Just a few days short of a year from when we filmed the trip….Finally it’s out
Here’s the link to the trailer and the e-broucher for the Australian Premiere , hope you enjoy the fantastic vision and original Australian sounds tracks.

Thanks Rob”

Click poster above to watch the trailer or click here: Living The Stoke

WARDOGLiving The Stoke