Sean Poynter Mexican Pipeline

Congrats to Starboard team rider, Sean Poynter, for his 2nd place finish at the Quiksilver Pro in Puerto Escondido, Mexico…one of my old wave ground haunts…

Sean was sporting the new 2011 Starboard 9’1″ Pro in the Silver AST construction…we’ll have a few of these boards to play around with this weekend…

Photos courtesy of Central Surf TV…Juan Munoz…


Sean will also be representing at the Ventura SUP contest October 15-17…here’s Sean’s rundown of the Puerto event…

Hey Wardog,

So the event down in Puerto was turned out to be a spectacular event, mostly
because of the wave’s showed up for the party. The event was run on a really
cool format. Kind of like how an expression session would run, we were given
2 three hour sessions, the first on 17th the second on the 18th, with the
accumulative scores of the top 1 wave from each day being tallied together
for a total that would decide placements.

It was a format that was really needed. As you were out there with no leash
and when you would lose your board, you would have to swim in gather your
board and paddle and then get down to the harbor to paddle back to the
breaking waves. The process took some time, and not to mention the little
bit of time it took to get your breathing under control after taking several
sets on the head. So the 3 hour sessions were a blessing.

It was a great event, at the ceremony party they even brought out the
Mexican Wrestlers, it was a trip. But congrats to all the competitors and
their success, especially their effort, it was enjoyable to surf with them
as well as watch. A special thanks goes out to Angel at Central Surf, the
man behind it all, the lifeguards too, who did tremendous work in keeping us

As you would hear strewn about the contest, “Viva Mexivo!


Excited about the Ventura event.

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