July SUP Demo

We’ve had some foggy “June gloom” (Junuary…;-) conditions lately…even getting measurable (miserable?) drizzle…but, a little sub-tropical disturbance caused just enough of a perturbation to lift the ceiling a bit on the low cloud cover yesterday for another one of our fee SUP demos…the silver lining in this weather pattern is that it makes for glassy ocean paddling conditions…way better than the Catalina Eddy effect we experienced last month…

We had over 5 dozen people come out despite the weather and the exciting 1-0 double overtime World Cup soccer game going on…we caught a few clients listening on the radio…or, maybe that was a golf tournament…dunno…;-)

Adam hamming it up on the Starboard Hero…I bet you can’t do this on any other 9’er on the planet…he also didn’t look this relaxed when he was on the new Starboard Surf Race he recently picked up…the Kiwi is bloody fast, mate!

Time to pack it up and head back to the shop…we got boards to get ready for adoption…BTW, the sun did come out and we had a great day…;-)