Fresh Paddle Board Deliveries

Lots of fresh deliveries of boards and paddles yesterday at our paddlesurf warehouse and showroom…at the rate we’re going, this will get us through the weekend…;-)

No sooner than they were unloaded, they started flying out the door…

In addition to the Starboard Blue Touch SUP’s that are the most popular standup paddleboards in the Santa Barbara area…we received some of the 11’2″ x 36″ Avanti and the new 12’6″ x 26.5″ Starboard Surf Race

Big piece of lumber…walk on the water softly and carry a big stick…this board’s new owner is an hombre grande…;-)

Also, received some new Hobie SUP’s…including this gorgeous seafoam green 10’6″ ATR…

WARDOGFresh Paddle Board Deliveries