Coreban Board Technology

Alrighty then…that was kinda fun and silly…but, it’s time to put your thinking caps back on…;-)
Another SUP brand that we have chosen to represent because of their commitment to QUALITY and attention to detail, is Coreban…their motto and byline is “Only the Best”

Let’s take a look see under the hood of this Cobra factory built board line…

The Core Range are top of the line Sandwiched, Vacuumed EPS core boards using 20g EPS foam for added strength and longevity. All Core Range boards have reinforced standing areas, reinforced rails, nose and tail. Designed and tested in Hawaii by riders for riders that are wanting to push the limits and own a board that will stand the test of time. High gloss finish with double leash plugs, carry handle and Future fin boxes for added strength in fin box area. Every detail has been seriously tested including the deck grip that is super comfortable, with tail kick to prevent heel slide and 3 mm diamond grooves for added grip. Looking for the ultimate SUP investment then the Core Series will not disappoint.

Coreban – Only the Best.

White, light and Hi Performance boards. Coreban have taken their best sellers and created an elite range of visible wood boads with an added touch of elegance. EPS Vacuumed. Sandwich construction with a fresh and natural look without compromising quality and performance. The Coreban Pure Series is designed for riders that are wanting a lighter board while still maintaining beauty and strength. Australian Pine top deck with added featues such as wood fins, reflective board bag, anti-slip deck pad with heel kick are just some of the added extras that make the Pure Series the leader in it’s class.

A mixture of tradition and pure beauty best describes the Classic Wood Veneer Series. If you’re wanting to get back to your roots or stand out in a crowd, Coreban offers a Limited Edition of each of our most popular models in Classic Wood. Unsurpassed quality, high gloss finish, wooden fins and all the features from our other series in one package.

Coreban – Only the Best.

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