Steamer Lane Santa Cruz 2010 Surftech SUP Shootout

Congrats to Hobie team rider Chuck Patterson and Starboard team rider Zane Schweitzer for their respective 1st and 2nd place finishes at the 2010 Surftech SUP Shootout held last weekend at Steamer Lane in Santa Cruz, Calif.

Chuck’s proven his athleticism by winning prestigious races such as the 2008 Rainbow Sandals Battle of the Paddle, he’s one of the leading stand up paddle big wave riders (Chuck was the first paddler to charge the Cortez Bank this winter) and he showed all who were at Steamer Lane on Santa Cruz’s notorious Westside this weekend, that he is one of the world’s best in waves of any size.

16 year old, Zane Schweitzer, got 2nd place in the Pro Division of the Surftech SUP Shootout at Steamer’s Lane in Santa Cruz. He is super stoked and loving his 8’0″x26″ Starboard Tiki.

This is wonderful result especially after just coming back from Australia with a 6th Place in the wave event and 1st Place in the Race, and the Sunset Beach Pro 1st in the Junior Division in Hawaii. He clearly is loving the wave events and is on a roll.

WARDOGSteamer Lane Santa Cruz 2010 Surftech SUP Shootout

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