Starboard 2010 SUP Race Boards

Gaute Kristiansen, from Starboard’s product development team, snapped a couple of shots of the Starboard 2010 SUP epoxy race boards…the 12’6″ x 29″ “FreeRace”…and the 12’6″ x 25” “The New” coming off of the production line for May delivery here in the US…please call or email if you want to get on the waiting list for these new boards…demand is HOT…especially, with the SUP race results that Team Starboard…EJ, Brandi, Zane Schweitzer, John Hibbard, Dan Gavere, Nikki Gregg, & Brian Symanski have been accumulating on them…

Free Race prototype that I shot at the 2nd Battle of the Paddle

These Starboard SUP race boards will also be available in the lighter and stiffer brushed carbon construction

We have a demo of The New…here’s Carrie Eller giving it a go…

Scott and Margareta hamming it up with the new Starboard brushed carbon Surf race…20 lbs!!!

WARDOGStarboard 2010 SUP Race Boards

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