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Stoked For Life (TM)::

How’s the new decade treating you so far?

It’s all good ’round these parts…still getting great surf…and, Spring flowers popping up all over…

Just based on the number of standup paddle boards and SUP paddles that we have been getting our local clients hooked up with…add, to that the numbers that we have been shipping to all points in North America and beyond…recently, Alaska to Cancun, Mexico…Minnesota to Mississippi…Seattle to Sanibel, FL…and, hola! to Jose in Puerto Rico…I guess it’s fair to say that standup paddling is THE sport of the new decade…let’s just go back to the turn of the century and millenium…Y2K…and, I think it’s safe to say that it’s grown faster than any other activity in the surfing sports world, since surfing itself…

We’ve seen a lot of ebb and flow in the last 10 years that we have been serving the surfing sports world…and, the positive energy that standup paddling has generated has topped it all…we strive everyday to pay it forward…we look forward to being “stoked for life” (TM) over the next 10 years…if you’re stoked for life…then, you can spread that stoke to others…

Paddle With Purpose::

Speaking of stoke…one of our LA clients, Patti Song, forwarded to me some info on pro surfer Jodie Nelson’s SUP for Breast Cancer fundraiser paddle after meeting her last week…Jodie will attempt to standup paddle 39.8 miles solo from Catalina to Dana Point on March 28, 2010…

“Nelson will hope to conquer the race on a solo mission, in an effort to bring attention and raise funds for breast cancer research and awareness. The journey has only been completed by a handful of men solo, and this will be the first attempt by a woman. With a goal of raising $50,000, to benefit The Keep A Breast Foundation and Boarding For Breast Cancer, Nelson will tackle the feat, coined “Paddle With Purpose” on a Stand Up Paddleboard during Ocean Ohana’s annual Catalina Challenge.”

Nelson completed the Catalina Challenge race in 2009 as a relay with another woman. “Last year’s race was the most physically and mentally grueling thing I have ever done in my life,” says Nelson. “This year I have been training using Emergen-C Pink which offers an electrolyte boost, which is the perfect companion for an endurance mission like this.”

She continues: “I’m setting out to do something that is, for me, super intimidating, unknown, and something that I have a good chance of failing at. But that doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t do it! This isn’t about me. People battling cancer go through similar feelings that are magnified to a much grander scale. They are battling a life threatening disease that is intimidating and unknown to them.”

Proceeds from Nelson’s “Paddle With Purpose” will go to leading breast cancer organizations The Keep A Breast Foundation and Boarding For Breast Cancer.

To donate, visit: and to track her epic journey visit

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