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High end Italian design…perfection demanding detail in finish…Roberto Ricci Designs…

For the last 15 years Roberto Ricci has been designing and manufacturing high end water toys…surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, and now standup paddle boarding…


No gimmicks, no wasted works…

After so many years dedicated to the making of water tools, the only thing that matters in the end is that a product must work.

And it must work better year after year.

Put this base together with a state of the art finishing and graphics and you have the core of what RRD means today.

Have trust, water does not lie.

— Roberto Ricci

Tony stopped in at the shop yesterday with a Sprinter van loaded up with the latest RRD SUP’s…

Checking out the Diamond Wood 11’2″…MSRP $1449…

Tony showing off the 8’5″ x 31″ WASSUP…it also comes in a 10′ x 31″ version…

Our shop manager, Guy Lindburg, dropping in on the 8’5″ x 31″ WASSUP…nice board…lightweight…stable…responsive…rad wave rides…$1249…

The 10’6″ x 29.5″ Diamond Classic…

John slotting the 10’6″ x 29.5″ Diamond Classic…

The 12′ x 30″ x 5″ Cruiser is a sexy piece of work…

Adam snags a wave on the RRD 12′ Cruiser…Tony looks on…

Adam coming in with the RRD 12′ Cruiser…

Our shop manager, Guy Lindburg, switchfooted drop in on the 11′ x 31″ WASSUP EPX…nice board…lightweight…fast gliding…stable…sweet wave rides…$1249…

Adam on the 9’2″ x 28″ x 4″ Diamond Classic…

Ashleigh taking the 9’2″ Diamond Classic for a cruise…

More pics of the RRD SUP lineup in this GALLERY


WASSUP stands for Windsurf AS SUP. This is what we call the water bike for future generations.

The WASSUP line
is composed of 4 different shapes to cover all possible rider’s uses. All boards are great windsurf boards and are also available in a Convertible version, with a removable center fin for added stability and to be able to sail upwind and trun more easily in light air.

The WASSUP line is built in EPX heavy duty, full double stringer epoxy glass technology for sizes 11”, 10” and 8’5” and in PE soft deck and slick bottom for the 8’0” kids.

WASSUP Eight KID EPX (MSRP $699 :: Add mast track $50)

The perfect kids board! Built with a special PE deck and soft slick bottom, plastic fins and rubber tail end, the Eight Kid is the safe and simple approach for kids playing in the water and learning how to paddle and ride waves. Available also in the convertible version to be used as a windsurf board!

WASSUP Eight Five Stinger EPX (MSRP $1249 :: Add mast track $100)

31” wide!!! Stable and easy to ride for all levels. With the same riding characteristics as the Ten Stinger, the Eight Five Stinger is a revolutionary size. Small, compact and easy enough to be paddled by a beginner, this is the first SUP to fit inside a station wagon!!! Try it as a windsurf board and you will love it. Some schools have been using this board even as a super light wind kiteboard that planes in 6 knots. Believe it!

WASSUP Ten Stinger EPX (MSRP $1249 :: Add mast track $100)

Still 31” wide!!! Stable and easy to ride for all levels. The special stinger outline drastically reduces the wetted surface behind the standing area, allowing the board to be ridden with a better performance level in the waves. This together with a set of thruster fins enhances the turning and planing potential. Equipped with inserts for footstraps, the WASSUP Ten Stinger is a great funboard for any occasion!

WASSUP Eleven EPX (MSRP $1249 :: Add mast track $100)

The base shape of our well-known SUP Eleven introduced in 2009 remains a reference board for entry-level program and a very versatile shape both for flat water and waves. Well balanced and stable thanks to its 31” of width, the WASSUP Eleven is the board for everyone.

Softskin™ Line (MSRP $1249 :: Add mast track $100)

The sofskin line is a very versatile line of boards based on the same technology and finishing level as our EasyRide windsurf boards. It features fully recessed EVA deck for maximum comfort and a very lightweight technology.

The Diamond Line

The Diamond line is available in three different technologies: Classic $1249 :: Wood $1449 :: Limited Edition $1649

A line of SUP boards for real wave riders. This full range of boards will be able to satisfy all riding levels in all conditions, from small to big surf. A full wide nose with a retro style diamond tail outline with narrow lines towards the tail allow these boards to catch waves easily and maximize the potential of quick bottom turning on the spot once you are riding.

A full double rail shape keeps a very flat comfortable deck for foot positioning while enhancing full speed control with the lower super thin part of the rail that touches the water. These are innovative and functional boards for serious riding. Every board is equipped with a double mast foot insert that can be used for windsurfing.

Cruiser Twelve

The board for flat water and long distance paddling sessions. Shaped with a deep V hull in the nose area and a flat bottom on the standing area through the tail, the 12’ CRUISER smoothly penetrates any small chops with the nose and remains stable after each paddle stroke. Consistent average speed is the key for fun with this cruising SUP that will surprise with its performances against much longer boards!

The Cruiser 12 is available in 3 different technologies, Classic, Wood and Limited Edition. It is also possible to order the Cruiser in the Convertible version in any of the technologies!

Classic $1299 :: Wood $1499 :: Limited Edition $1749 (Add mast track $100)

Having fun making toys for water is my daily task.

The idea of a new board, kite and sail to test trying something new and see how it works it’s my excitement and passion.

I started to do this 27 years ago, and the feeling of excitement and fun is still here, stonger than ever.

Any time it’s windy or the swell is up and there is something new to work on and develop, it’s playtime and I forget that this is also my work.

Excitement is a big part the sport we have chosen to do, and until we have it, you can count on us making better toys for you.

The passion for making new designs, developing new prototypes and pushing new technological and design limits it’s just the basic lifestyle of the company’s owner, Roberto Ricci.

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