Starboard at Surf Expo in Florida

Congrats to Team Starboard’s EJ, Brandi Baksic, & Nikki Gregg for all finishing in the money (real green backs) at the Cold Stroke Classic in North Carolina on Saturday…

Men’s Elite Division:

1) Byron Kurt

2) EJ Johnson

3) Colin McPhilips

Woman’s Elite Division:

1) Brandi Baksic

2) Helga Goebel

3) Nikki Gregg

Photo Credit: Staff Photo Matt Born/Wilmington Star-News

Holy shmoly that looks C O L D!!!
Meanwhile, we were basking in warm sun and double overhead set waves…;-)

Look at that big ol’ sticker, EJ…dang dawg…a twofer…NICE!!!

EJ is on his way to Western Australia…ahhh…the life of a PRO standup paddle racer…;-)
He won’t have to bring so many clothes…it’s Summer down under…

The Starboard crew fired off a couple of low rez cell phone piccies from the Surf Expo on the East Coast…this is the new brushed carbon Surf Race SUP paddle racing board designed by Brian Symanski…

This puppy is weighing in at ~ 20lbs!!!

Rumor has it that Starboard has a new board construction technology that is getting their wave riding boards down under 10 lbs…;-)

Check out the posters of our main man, EJ, in the booth…too kewl…;-)

Scott and Margareta hamming it up…

The Cali SUP racing crew represented nicely…

Team Hobie’s Byron Kurt, and Colin McPhilips (3X world longboard champion), finished 1st and 3rd in elite men’s stock 12’6″…picking up some nice cashola…and, Tommy Lloy from Hobie won the men’s recreational division…and, a SUP…

WARDOGStarboard at Surf Expo in Florida

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