Toast Your Tootsies

Hyperflex is a division of the world’s leading SCUBA wetsuit manufacturer, Henderson Aquatics USA…their wetsuits are the warmest, stretchiest wetsuits for the price on the market…


Every Hyperflex wetsuit is based upon a simple philosophy.

Build the best, most functional surfing wetsuit for the price on the market.
You can see this belief in every Hyperflex product produced.

Designs are driven by function, performance and value, without the excess hype.

Hyperflex Wetsuits……..simply the best value in the water…

These booties will keep your feet warm…tootsies toasty…and, keep your feet from getting shredded by mollusks, rocks…etc…and, will prevent heel bruises…from riding a wave in too close to shore…OUCH!!!

Who cares what the fashionista think…you’ll be out shredding when they’re home bandaging their wounds and blogging about it…;-)

We have these booties in low cut 2mm “Reef” walker style (MSRP $32)…3mm round and split toe…(MSRP $44)…

•100% Sealed seams: Glued, blind stitched and taped for crucial warmth in cold conditions

•Trimable rubber leash guard between split toes: You decide attached split toe boot or sepreated split toe boot. Simply cut the rubber connector between the toes and the boot becomes a true split toe boot.

•Superstretch upper for complete flexibility and range of motion

•New Hyperstretch upper and pull on strap makes it easy to put on and take off in all conditions and boot thicknesses.

•Back pull on tab make it easy to get in/out of boot

•Dual-density construction. 3mm upper and 2mm footbed allows a thicker, warmer boot without sacrificing board sensitivity and control.

•Adjustable arch strap locks down foot and prevents sliding

The AMP Series 2.5mm short sleeve full suits (MSRP $169) and long sleeve spring suits (MSRP $149) are the perfect wetties for those colder temperate water days…you can use layering to arrive in your total comfort zone…

The perfect combination of high end materials at a terrific price point. This is the best wetsuit in the Hyperflex lineup.

This suit is the warmest, stretchiest wetsuit for the price on the market.

Features include:

•100% Hyperflex AMPstretch 6-WAY superstretch neoprene on entire wetsuit

•100% sealed, glued and blindstitched seams with crucial spot taping

•Hyperflex Exclusive HoneyComb HollowFiber poly fleece interior lining on chest, back and hood

•Diagonal waterproof G-Lock front zipper

•Double Shoulder entry lockdown with Barrel cinch.

This is a cold water wetsuit designed for surfing, kitesurfing or windsurfing. The wetsuit is 2.5mm in the chest, back and leg panels, 2.5mm on the shoulders and arms. A great combination of warmth and high end flexibility…

Hyperflex “PLAYA” The Playa is a 2mm Neoprene jacket. As the name “Playa” (Beach) suggests, these are meant for after/before water use. It is cut exactly like a “hoodie” sweatshirt. Oversized and warm, it features a hollow fiber lining and skin exterior. It holds virtually no water at all, so it is windproof and waterproof against the elements…perfect for standup paddling, surf, kite, windsurfing, kayak, fishing, dive boats, swim teams, etc…

These are designed to fit over wetsuits or they can be worn alone. They will work for virtually any application for almost any watersport or water activity. These are perfect for before/after sessions, during contests or events, driving, etc.

Key Features: • 2mm Skin rubber exterior • 100% Hollow fiber lining • Wind and water proof • Holds in core temperature when not in the water • Oversized “hoody” pattern fits comfortably over a wetsuit • Front zip with 2 large front pockets • Two zippered internal pockets • Waist cinch cord • Plush fleece lining on front pockets and wrists • 2 color ways available • Sizes S, M, L, XL (Note: these fit oversized)…MSRP $119

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