Starboard Pocket Rocket HD Vid Clip

One of our Central Coast client’s sent this kewl HD vid clip movie of recent action on the Starboard 8’5″ x 30″ “Pocket Rocket”…pretty good for only his 3rd movie…

Here’s Ken’s customized mosaic Pocket Rocket pad job…

The Short, stable and fast shape that changed the perception of SUP shortboarding is still the benchmark in onshore and more mushy conditions. Seamlessly smooth acceleration and lightning top end speed allow you to make the fastest of sections, with the shorter length allowing it to fit into smaller pockets. Stability is enhanced with the wide nose and pulled in tail, utilizing the “Stinger” concept to provide the unique combination of a high performance board, while still being user friendly.

Mono concave nose section runs to double concave back section with fish tail.

Scott McKercher showing that it works pretty good in hollower waves, too…;-)

No wonder it’s the #1 best selling under 9′ SUP in the world…IT WORKS!!!

WARDOGStarboard Pocket Rocket HD Vid Clip

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