NEW :: Starboard 2010 SUP Shapes

Starboard again totally redefines the cutting edge of SUP development.

The 2010 Starboard SUP line is the most extensive SUP offering from any company in the universe…

New for the season is the 7’4″x29.5″ POD – Performance Over Drive. It quickly became the very hottest property on Bali during out test sessions with native team rider / tester Peter Cox .

The POD is an ultimate high performance board that places you into the pocket and pushes your ability as a surfer…frothing for more action and performance.

7’4″x29.5″ POD

Demands for PERFORMANCE, wishes to be floating OVER sections, needing to be able to DRIVE hard off the bottom, a melting pot of bullet points. A thought to attempt what was considered impossible, a realization that it was plausible, a result providing endless sup’ing fun.

Welcome the POD (performance overdrive), at 7’4″ x 29.5″ this is an ultimate high performance SUP that places you in to the pocket & lets you surf out. A board designed to push your ability and has you frothing for more action in performance waves, showing you that sup’ing has no curtain call, it is continuously emerging with new ambitions & this board places you in the front line of evolution.

Mono concave nose section to flat middle with a fair amount of tail V.

More news 11’2″x36″ Avanti (or ‘Uber Whopper’) is the new Stand Up Paddle board for the people.

Avanti is a groundbreaking concept building on the success of the revolutionary Whopper. It glides well, is extremely stable and easy to catch waves with, Stand up paddle boarding for everyone.

11’2″ x 36″ Avanti


Stand up paddle boarding to the people. The Avanti is a ground breaking concept building on the success of the revolutionary Whopper (10’0” x 34’) and adds both glide and stability. Easy to catch waves and wide enough to bring your kids or dog.

This voluptuous shape performs admirably in the waves, easy into waves, fast down the line and an agility that defies it’s proportions. If you are of a larger body build with perhaps heavy bones, then this is THE board for you.

Race news.

The rumors have been spread on SUP forums for a few months about the Brian Szymanski’s THE NEW. Our California race team has over the passed 6 months developed an exclusive range of race boards suitable for the 12’6 elite races. THE NEW 12’6″ x 23.5″ and 12’6″ x 25″ are the race machines that continually wins most events in the most popular race class, 12’6″.

The 12’6″ x 26.5″ Surf Race is also a Starboard/Szymanski collaboration which proves to be the best choice for ocean races with a start and finish line over beachbreaks.

The 12’6″x 29″ and 12’6″ x 31″ Free Race are more comfortable/stable boards to ride and have a huge potential for riders who enjoy fast cruising and are also given the chance to participate at a higher level in local races.

K-15 x 30″ designed by Jim Drake continues being amongst one our most popular boards.
The K15 has also proved to be an excellent light wind windsurf board and a favorite with our original shaper Jean Louis Colmas on New Caledonia.
It is for 2010 available in only two technologies, Blue stripe AST epoxy and the Red stripe Technora for the top-end costumers. New for 010 is the much requested
Steering option.

K-14 x 24″ is an evolution from K-15. We have narrowed it down and made it shorter to fit the 14′ class as the weapon of choice on a flat water day. This is the board that easily won both long distance and sprint distance race in the 09 World Cup in Hamburg.

WARDOGNEW :: Starboard 2010 SUP Shapes

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