Terje Hakkonsen's new Starboard quiver

Svein Rasmussen, owner of Starboard, recently hand delivered the first 4 TAC production editions to Starboard team rider, Terje Hakkonsen, in Norway.

(The new TAC series is designed around, and named after, Terje and his Arctic Challenge snowboard contest…

Our friend who used to work for Burton, Scott Currie, says “If you look very closely at the stripe down the side of the board…you will notice a pattern of small swords. It is this Sword that was used on Terje’s very first snowboard pro model with Burton Snowboards back in 1993. (Viking Sword and Helmet)

The compass looking graphic on the SUP board is the logo for “The Arctic
” contest. One of the most Prestigious snowboard contests in the
whole world.”

WARDOGTerje Hakkonsen's new Starboard quiver

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