2010 Starboard SUP Lineup

BREAKING NEWS! Here’s a glimpse of what is coming down the pipeline for Starboard’s SUP line in 2010… The new blue StarTouch Classic… The new Terje Haakonsen TAC Edition… surfingsports.com: Stoked For Life ™ is the world’s leading stoke provider for standup paddle surfing, windsurfing, & other surfing sports.

WARDOG2010 Starboard SUP Lineup

SUP Racing News

With the 2nd Annual Battle of the Paddle coming up this weekend there’s lots of SUP racing news to catch up on… Last Saturday’s Hennessey International Paddleboard Championships held in San Franciscooffered a glimpse of the competition that will be present next weekend… There was a 6 mile Stock SUP (12’6″) and a 9 mile Unlimited SUP (12’6″ +) who …


Born to be Wild :: SUP t-shirt line

I was down along the Rincon paddlesurfing the other day…and, as I was heading back to the shop, a biker goes blazing by me wearing one of our older SUPSports t-shirts…what else are you gonna wear on a gorgeous sunny Cali day while going for a ride letting your freak flag fly?…;-) I grabbed the Canon digicam and snapped a …

WARDOGBorn to be Wild :: SUP t-shirt line

Curtis "Pro-Elite" SUP Racing Fins

We just received the first production run of the new Curtis Hesselgrave G-10 “Pro-Elite” SUP racing fins (MSRP $200)…they were sold out upon arrival…but, we just received another couple of dozen… We have these just in time for the 2nd Annual “Battle of the Paddle” SUP contest this next weekend in Dana Point… We still have a few of the …

WARDOGCurtis "Pro-Elite" SUP Racing Fins

Standup Paddle (SUP) Boards

We offer you a few more choices in standup paddle board selection since the days way back in 2006, when we offered you the world’s first production epoxy molded SUP’s in two sizes and two colors… The 2010 Naish SUP line has expanded to 21 boards…and the Starboard line in 2010 will be at least 27 wide…with 4 construction choices… …

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Starboard Technology

UPDATED: We’ve taken decades of board design and construction technology working with some of the top companies and board shapers in the world and have incorporated our knowledge base into the StandUp Paddle Sports® brand of boards, fins, paddles, & other SUP accessories aimed squarely at giving you the best bang for the buck on the planet…check it out…QUALITY…VALUE…PERFORMANCE…INNOVATION… When …

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Fish On!

One of our long time friends on the Central Cali coast, Kenny Krall, sent in a few fun pics sharing his enjoyment of the 12′ Hobie ATR and 12′ Naish Glide… NICE FISH!!! His wifey Toni rehabbing her tweaked ankle… You get some nice views through the water on top of a SUP… surfingsports.com: Stoked For Life ™ is the …


2009 North American Naish Summer Race Series Championship

The 2009 North American Naish Summer Race Series Championship was held at Bonita Cove in San Diego yesterday… The SUPsports paddle racing team did very well… Rich Schroeder wins the event and a 14′ Naish Glide…plus, a trip to Maui and an entry into the 5th Annual Naish Paddle Championship…a 9.54 mile race from Maliko Gulch…NICE WORK!!! Adam Kirkcaldie, our …

WARDOG2009 North American Naish Summer Race Series Championship

Starboard Tiki

Just got the new 8’5″ x 28″ Starboard Tikis… Waterkids, Connor Baxter and Zane Schweitzer have developed a board shape to suit their style and body size. The 8’5” x 28” is designed for waterkids looking for a quick learning curve. It’s front section provides stability for paddling through the waves and the more stinger aft section offers acceleration, speed …

WARDOGStarboard Tiki

New SUP Bags

We just received a couple of pallets of new SUP bags…6″ increments from 9′ to 12’… Features include: :: Shoulder strap:: EZ grip offset carry handle middle of bag:: Paddle holder:: Extra large outside pocket:: Large inner fin pocket:: EZ entry zipper opening:: EZ slide zippers:: Reinforced nose & tail:: Double stitching reinforced seams:: Built in bag holder:: Change out …