2010 Naish Mana SUP's

We just received the new 2010 Naish Mana SUP’s…we are stoked to get these new short wide style SUP’s after seeing them at the Outdoor Retailers show in SLC, Utah last month…

Robbie Naish and company have been building quality boards since 1979…
Let’s do the math…that’s 30 years…not, 3 years…or 3 months…;-)

They come with a killer bamboo fin set, pad, recessed handle, and a bag that’s a keeper…all for $1399…and, we throw in a big wave rated leash with safety release…talk about value and bang for your buck…you are definitely getting great return on your investment (ROI) with these boards…

We barely got them unwrapped and they started flying off the shelves…

More pics in this GALLERY

Naish board construction…

The Mana 9’5″ is the smaller sibling of the 10’0″. It’s an awesome first board for lighter riders in small surf; or large riders looking for superb wave performance with added float and stability.

::9’5″ x 31″ x 4 3/4″ (MSRP $1399)

::Wood veneer sandwich

::Eco bag included

::EVA Deck Pad included

The Mana 10’0″ is a fun board for small surf and people of all sizes. The Mana’s width and short length make stand up paddling in waves easy to learn. Its single concave bottom shape and rocker profile set the standard in terms of stability and turning. These features make surfing simple and blast!

::10′ x 32″ x 4 3/4″(MSRP $1399)

::Wood veneer sandwich

::Eco bag included

::EVA Deck Pad included

The SUP Kailua is a beginner board designed for flat water. Its width and stability make it incredibly easy for people of all weights and sizes. The SUP Kailua’s short length allows it to turn without effort. It features ASA skin technology which makes it extremely durable and the ultimate board for beginners, hotels, resorts, and beach rentals. No learning necessary, just stand up and paddle!

10’5″ x 35 1/4″ x 5 3/8″ (MSRP $1399)

::ASA Skin, PVC/Styro sandwich

::Eco bag included

::EVA Deck Pad included

Instructional pics with Ashley Baxter on the Mana…slow turn…click pics below…

Instructional pics with Dave Kalama on the Mana…fast turn…

More standup paddle how to’s and wallpapers here

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