Naish SUP Summer Race Series

Mark your calendars…

In conjunction with Naish, Honolua, and Blacksmith Endurance we are helping to coordinate a Santa Barbara downwind race Saturday August 1, 2009…Goleta Pier to the Pavilion at East Beach (~10.5 mi)…there will also be a short course from Leadbetter Beach to the Pavilion at East Beach (~3.5mi)…the short course will be part of a US Championship Race Series…


The Naish 2009 SUP Championships is a Recreational Race Series that will be held
weekly in 10 to 15 Cities across the US and Canada.

The four to six week series will be held between now and August 31.
The Divisions will include a Men’s and Women’s Class with a board restriction of 12’6” and under. At the end of the series the top 3 Men and Women in each city will receive an invite to compete with racers from across North America for the Championship race in San Diego, CA on September 13th , 2009.

These races are intended to be for the beginner to advanced paddler. The goal is to
increase overall participation and visibility of the sport. Ideally races should be at a time and place that is convenient for participants and spectators to attend on a weekly basis.

Below is a general outline of the races.

Series Outline
Series Length- 4 to 6 Weeks, 1 Race a week
Course Type- Course Race or Downwinder
Length- 30 to 45 Minute Races
Divisions- Men’s Division
Women’s Division
Fee- $20 Series, $5 Race
1- 10
2- 8
3- 7
4- 6
5- 5
6- 4
7- 3
8- 2
9- (and above) 1

The scoring is cumulative and the high score wins.

The Championship Race will be held on Sunday September 13th in San Diego, California.

The Winners of each division will receive a 14’ Glide and a trip to Maui, Hawaii for the 5th Annual Naish Paddle Championships, a 9.54 mile race from Maliko Gulch to Kahului Harbor.

Thank you for being a part of this great race series!

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