Idaho Standup Paddling

We recently shipped a couple of wood Starboard SUP’s up to Sun Valley, Idaho for Conor and Kelly…here they are paddling around a glacier field on a gorgeous sunny day…

Check out their engagement story that they are sharing with us…

“Hey Wardog.

I hope you got the pictures that Kelly and I emailed to you.
I wanted to thank you again for everything. From your advice on the boards and
gear, to the easy and reliable shipping, everything was perfect.

Kelly and I paddled on our new 12’ Starboard ‘Big Easy’ and 11’2” Starboard ‘Blend’
around Pettit Lake, where my family has a cabin in Idaho.

We paddled for awhile, taking in the huge mountains that fall straight into the lake and the crystal clear views everywhere we looked – all the while, with an engagement ring in the pocket of my board shorts. With no one else on the lake, it was the perfect opportunity for me to propose and for the two of us to begin our lives together.

We reached a shallow part of the lake where the river gives life to Pettit Lake and I got down on one knee, in the water, and proposed to Kelly.
(I put a floating keychain through the ring, just in case…and Kelly said YES)

It is something that we will never forget and it made a beautiful place even more beautiful,…not to mention that we were the first to Standup Paddle the Lake and to become engaged there too!

Thank you again for everything and we’ll keep you up to date on our adventures



Is that awesome or what!?!?

We’ve received heaps of customer testimonials from folks standup paddling on lakes, bays, & rivers in all parts of the country…

Kate drove up from Port Hueneme yesterday in her Honda Element to pick up a 9’8″ Starboard Element…it nicely fit inside…

Curtis Hesselgrave called us yesterday to tell us that we will have more Curtis SUP fins in stock soon…the last batch sold out before we could blink…

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