Big Fred's Whopper

Big Fred came in to demo a couple of boards yesterday…and left with a Starboard Whopper…10′ x 34″…he’s a great surfer…which is difficult for bigger guys…now, with this board he has the “great equalizer” in the surf zone…;-)

Big Scott also hooked up with a Whopper…

10’0” x 34” The Whopper::

Probably the most significant breakthrough in SUP since the paddle was introduced. Extremely stable at 34 inches wide, it provides stability for a beginner to paddle through the most turbulent white water or other difficult conditions. It has reasonably good glide and it turns on dime while paddling. The extra nose kick makes it almost impossible to nosedive, catching even the smallest white water waves with ease. The stability makes it a breeze to paddle into waves, with the BIG surprise being that this board actually rips in waves. It’s truly a fantastic wave board for most conditions, and is surely the most versatile wave dedicated SUP board ever shaped.

Great for kids , too…

WARDOGBig Fred's Whopper

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