Hobie Chuck Patterson Stinger

We have several of the new molded, Hobie / Chuck Patterson signature 9’9″ & 10’2″ high performance paddle surfing models in stock…$1379…recessed handle…gorgeous finish work…light…

Here is some great vid footage of 3X World Longboard Champion, Colin McPhillips, ripping on the red 9’9″ CP Hobie in weak waves at the King & Queen Of Dogpatch SUP contest a couple of weeks ago…

9’9″ CP Stinger
Designed for the advanced SUP surfer . As well as smaller lighter intermediate surfers that do not need the flotation of a larger board.

Length 9’9”
Nose: 20.875”
Width: 28”
Tail: 16”
Thickness: 4.5”
Volume: 133.11 liters

Click image below for photo gallery…

10’2″ CP Stinger
Designed for a larger more aggressive surfer who wants a high performance SUP under their feet at critical places on the wave.

Length 10’2”
Nose: 21.25”
Width: 28.875”
Tail: 16.25”
Thickness: 4.65”
Volume:147.51 liters

Click image below for photo gallery…

Chuck’s SUP “POV” mount 2 from Chuck Patterson on Vimeo.

Chuck Patterson discusses the design principles of his Stinger models…

WARDOGHobie Chuck Patterson Stinger

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