SUP Surfing With Icebergs :: Water Man : DVD

A windy and wet storm is blowing through our region keeping folks inside throwing logs on the fire…watching movies for a little escapism…and, getting their taxes together…speaking of which, we definitely have some kewl things to spend your refunds on…;-)

A few icebergs in the water didn’t stop Corran (Imagine Surfboards) and a few of his friends from surfing with icebergs

It also didn’t stop Starboard’s Margareta Engstrom and Scott Mckercher from doing standup among Norway’s fjords

If that has you chilled down…this next clip will warm you back up…

Here’s a You Tube clip of a new movie from Laird Hamilton’s production company…Bamman Productions…check it out…as there is some kewl standup footage in it…Water Man – Life Begins In The Sea

Water is the source of life and for a Water Man you may say that life’s purpose is to get back to that source as often as possible.

Every surfer in this DVD has shaped his life out of water.

Seven men, seven different stories yet they all have one thing in common.

An uncommon commitment to the freedom they find in the ocean.

Join Laird Hamilton, Dave Kalama, Gerry Lopez and Rob Machado, along with Chris, Keith and Dan Malloy as they venture into the heart of Indonesia, into a hidden paradise of colossal barrels and perfect waves.

Water Man takes you on an intimate boat trip with some of the most influential surfers of our time as they bodysurf, paddle surf, hydrofoil, stand up surf and tow surf in the Indian Ocean. Venture beyond the shallows of the surf culture into a deeper shade of blue.

Surfer Poll awarded this movie the best cinematography in 2008.

WARDOGSUP Surfing With Icebergs :: Water Man : DVD

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