Starboard's SUP Line Expands Exponentially!!!

Starboard’s evolutionary line of SUP boards RAPIDLY EXPANDS into 2009…

Building on the strengths from last year’s best selling range we have taken the steps to offer the most exciting and efficient SUP range ever seen…

We have most of the 2009 Starboard line in stock at our store in Santa Barbara to check out and demo…several models are currently available for purchase…and we have a container of 2009 Starboard product arriving in ~ 2 weeks…several of the models are getting close to being sold through before they arrive…if you want to be an early adopter or the first kid on the block with the shiny new toy, you better make sure you’re on our waiting list…

Additionally, because we’ve been inundated with numerous calls and emails about the expansive 2009 Starboard product line, we’ve put together the following info in an effort to help our clients better get their heads around this plethora of choices…sizes…models…colors…constructions…etc……you can also download a low rez .pdf copy of the Starboard 2009 catalog

By clicking on the sample images below, you’ll be able to view more detailed info on the different models and options that will be available to you…just click on the model to see enlargement…

Introducing 4 base technologies, producing 6 actual design options, in 10 different shapes.

Starboard is also adding on a revolutionary Stand On Top kayak program with 3 shapes by Jim Drake for February shipments, our avenue into the vast kayak/canoe market begins.


Technora: Our very lightest sandwich technology.
Complete top and bottom PVC/glass/ Epoxy Sandwich. Full EVA deck.
No mast track or strap inserts available as this is a weight conscious model.
There will be a growing demand in the market for the lightest SUP.

Sportech: Our legendary Wood SUP.
Wood deck/glass epoxy compression molding, 3/4 EVA deck.
Mast track and strap inserts available as per overview.

Tufskin: Our impact resistant range.
Available in popular Camo Blue, cool Camo black, and the rainbow colored Candy.
Glass epoxy compression molding with wood reinforcement on the deck.
Full EVA deck. Mast track and strap inserts available as per overview.

Classic Tufskin is available with the break through Star touch deck texture. Star touch, grips when wet, no more wax jobs, no EVA deck, all yellow and white.
No mast track or strap inserts and the weight reduction at 1.2 kg by also taking away the EVA deck. We expect this unique technology choice to become our best seller, as its also our price point.

Weight indications: The 9’0″ x 30″ approval boards showed the following weights:

Technora 21.1 lbs 9.6 kg
Sportech 23.1 lbs 10.5 kg
AST 23.9 lbs 10.9 kg
Classic 21.3 lbs 9.7 kg

A client on the waiting list for the 8’5″ Pocket Rocket in Technora weighed it yesterday and it came in at 18 lbs, including fins and pad ready to RIP…

We are this year due to demand delivering all boards from 11’2″ and down to 8’5″ with FCS fins. The 12’6″, 12’0″, 11’2″ and 10’5″ also will have an additional 9 inch fin to drastically improve directional stability for flat water days…and add value to your SUP purchase by providing more options…

WARDOGStarboard's SUP Line Expands Exponentially!!!

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