Starboard SUPer 12'6" Cruiser

Hey now,
We’ve been SUPer busy lately…thank you very much…keep those orders coming…and we appreciate the customer testimonials that some of you take the time to write as well…{:~)

In fact, we’ve been so busy that I almost forgot to update you on new boards and concepts coming down the pipe…and, prolly more importantly, those that have already arrived and are in stock at our SUP store in Santa Barbara…like the new 2009 Starboard SUPer 12’6″ Cruiser…shown here in the foreground…MSRP $1499

This board is the same very popular 12’6″ Cruiser that has been in the Starboard lineup…but, with a retractable center fin added…this is the best retractable center fin mechanism that I have ever seen…works smoothly and flawlessly with little effort…the bottom sealing gasket is a work of art…

Retract the center fin and unscrew the padded knob and you have a full standup paddleboard…takes less than 10 seconds…see more pics at the end of this post…

The center fin increases the stability of the board in SUP mode tremendously…especially in wind and chop…also, making it ideal to fish off of…standing up, of course!!!

L@@King to catch a little bigger fish?
How about the world’s 1st standup paddle striped Marlin catch?

Too windy to go fishing or standup paddling?…no worries…simply attach a simple to rig sail, like the Severne Synergy rig package, and go windsurfing…it’s a breeze…easy peasy way to add a whole new sport to your arsenal of fun things to do with the Starboard SUP’s

The tandem options on the Starboard SUP’s increase the fun factor by double and even triple…

WARDOGStarboard SUPer 12'6" Cruiser

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