Starboard 2009 SUP's

We just returned from the West Coast surf industry trade show (ASR) with our Sprinter van full of the new 2009 standup paddleboards from the leader in the SUP industry, STARBOARD

We gave you a bunch of details on the 2009 Starboard SUP line last week…now, we’ll give those of you that can’t take a spin by our SUP shop a L@@K at the hard goods in this gallery

Check out 8’5″ x 28″ TIKI kid’s board…

The 8’5″ x 30″ “Pocket Rocket” in Technora construction…the pearlescent paint job
will make your eyes pop…

The new 2 piece “Transporter”…here’s the 11’2″…also, available as the new 9’8” “Element”…

WAIT!!! That ain’t all, folks…there’s a bunch of other REALLY kewl shizzle coming down the pipeline…;-)

WARDOGStarboard 2009 SUP's

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