Cali Central Coast Goes Off!

We finally had a great run of surf with equally great weather…and, a few pics and customer testimonials are starting to trickle in from our STOKED clients…

Howzit Warren & crew,
Thank you for taking the time to set me up with the Kanaha Quick Blade paddle.
It was late in the day and I appreciate you helping me out.

Great customer service!

Woody (Santa Barbara County, CA.)

Hey Wardog, whats happening?

Bro, I can’t say enough good things about my 9’8 and the customer service I received from you guys.

The surf in Pismo Beach has been off the chain lately, giving me a chance to put my SUP to the test.

Here is a photo from the other day. The sets were about 8′ to 10′ and my board did not let me down.

AJ Santana (Pismo Beach, CA)

Here are some Photos from last Sunday in Santa Barbara County – 80 degrees outside at noon.

Brian Hovnanian

WARDOGCali Central Coast Goes Off!

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