Standup paddleboards and surfboards made from ecologically sustainable materials…like bamboo…and using recycled plastics…

It’s all about Perfect balance!

Now that we have your attention…we’ll be carrying the Imagine line of SUP’s…and bamboo paddles at our SUP store in Santa Barbara…

It gets even better…they will be available in a two piece version!!!

The board comes apart in 10 seconds by undoing 4 small FCS fin-style screws recessed on the deck, and packs into a specially designed case (that also has room for all your clothing and other stuff). Protected from the airlines in this case, and disguised so you don’t have to pay extra fees, this is the ultimate solution. The cost is only about $150-$200 more than a one piece – a cost that is absorbed the first time you travel.

This means that you can finally fly to destinations with a board that you know and love. You can ride the board you want, without fear of it being damaged, or being ripped-off by the airlines.

The system is stronger than a regular board – its not going to break at the carbon shafts. To 95% of surfers, this is the long awaited solution to the problem. To the other 5%… well, they’re sponsored anyway so someone else is paying the costs so who cares, right?

I have a 9’0″ x 29.5″ being built right now…

Imagine Surfboards Eco technology Split Board won not only the “best in category” at the very prestigious ISPO “Brand New Product” contest, but they also won the “Overall best product”.


We only have one earth, and we need to look after it. At Imagine Eco Surfboards, we believe that all steps should be taken to make our boards as environmentally friendly as possible. Our Eco boards are made with the most ecological materials we could find. And it doesn’t stop there. We are constantly working with others to develop even better boards. By better boards, we mean both more ecological and more performing.

The Eco boards start with the core. Our core, made from B-XP3 extruded polystyrene foam, is recycled, and fully recyclable. During manufacture, our polystyrene blanks emit 50 times fewer VOCs (volatile organic compounds) than the traditional PU foams. And this is just the beginning. The cores to our surfboards are completely waterproof, and do not out-gas. This means that your board cannot absorb any water if you put a ding in it, and we do not have to drill a series of holes along the rail, or install valves, to stop the board from delaminating like normal extruded blanks.

The boards are then laminated using a bamboo fabric rather than fiberglass. Fiberglass cloth is treated with toxic chemicals such as chromium, and breathing fiberglass dust is hazardous to the workers. Bamboo is a highly renewable resource. It takes in nearly 5 times the amount of greenhouse gasses, and produces 35% more oxygen, than an equivalent stand of trees, making it an efficient replenisher of fresh air. Bamboo fiber is also one of the strongest natural elements in tension (after the strands of a spider’s web).

The result is not only a very ecological board, but also a super lightweight board that is very resistant to snapping. This is a good thing.

The bamboo fiber is stretched across the core, so it is “pre loaded” giving the board a great springy feel. During the lamination process it is compression formed using a special vacuum bagging technique, literally fusing the resin into the fibers. This reduces the weight of the boards, increases strength, and cuts down on the amount of resin used overall. The bag itself is made from recycled plastic, and we are moving towards plastics not made from petrochemicals.

We use epoxy resins that put out 40 times fewer VOC’s than polyester resin, and we are now working on developing new epoxy resins from unsaturated vegetables oils. This will have a positive economic and environmental impact. Soon we’ll be making our boards from this biodegradable epoxy too.

And what about performance? Our focus is as always performance. After all, the idea is to help save the earth while we ride to the maximum of our ability, and not having to choose between the two is fundamental to our program. We have been adamant about putting performance first, and it shows when you jump onto one of our boards and take it for a spin. With a wide range of shapes, each targeted to a specific style of surfing, you can be sure to fi
nd the ideal board for the way you want to ride, and do something to stop the terrible tide of destruction that comes from the standard method of making surfboards.

This is what we mean by “perfect balance”. Using sustainable materials, for a natural feeling board and a pleasing ride. It’s only natural.


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