Standup Paddle Sports now has the full line of BARK Ocean paddling soft goods in stock…very well thought out…and the line integrates with our waterproof
iPod™ Shuffle™…

SeaSpeed is a complete line of technical water wear designed especially for the ocean athlete. All of our tops, trunks, and headgear are extremely hydro-efficient, cut from fabrics that are wind and water resistant. They are designed for movement and durability, detailed with comfortable stretch panels and even MP3 pockets for inspiration. Whether an endurance athlete, ocean adventurer, or simply a recreational water enthusiast, SeaSpeed should be your second skin.

MSRP $24

Ultra soft, ring-spun 100% cotton jersey tee with a tonal screen of the BARK logos on the front and sleeve. Athletic fit.

MSRP $24

Ultra soft, ring-spun 100% cotton jersey long sleeve tee with a tonal screen of the BARK logos on the front and sleeve. Basic fit.

MSRP $28

You can argue about whether long distance ocean paddlers should have their heads examined, but everyone will agree that their heads should stay warm. Save those neoprene hoods for free-diving—paddle in this wind-and-water resistant Polartec® beanie. Cut from water repellent, stretchy fleece (no elastic band, no headache) the SeaSpeed Beanie is good for the cranium in more ways than one: optional is a pair of removable water-resistant headphones and a tag for that iPod™ Shuffle™ in the back. If you’re going to stroke to a different drummer, might as well be of your own choice…

MSRP $72

Warmth—but not too warm. Flexibility—but not too flimsy. Working on water—and in the wind. Face it: paddling is one of the most difficult water sports to dress for. Which is why BARK came up with the ultimate paddle top. Cut from fleecy Sportek® back and chest panels (for warmth) and a blend of 7.6 oz and 5.6 oz nylon/spandex Tricot (for flex), the SeaSpeed Shirt is more than just another rash guard. It’s loaded with a wave of paddle-specific technical features, like long sleeves with thumb holes to prevent cuff slip, a tapered, long-waisted silhouette, flat-stitched underarm gussets, lumbar mp3 player pocket complete with cable guides, cable key-loop and power gel pockets. Fashion is for the beach—the SeaSpeed Shirt is functional, as fast and sleek as the boards you paddle.

MSRP $63

Warm water or hot sprints, glassy mornings or tropical down-winders—spend enough time on the ocean and you’re bound to encounter conditions when long sleeves are a little too much of a good thing. The SeaSpeed Vest is the perfect paddling top when wind chill and harsh sun aren’t necessarily a factor. Cut from Sportek® four-way stretch chest and back panels with nylon/spandex Tricot side panels, the SeaSpeed has a tapered, “no-pit rash” fit for ease of motion. And for ease of mind the Vest comes with our exclusive lumbar mp3 player lumbar pocket and cable guides.

MSRP $24

Bandanas are for bikers. And besides, no matter how fast a Bark Unlimited may paddle, it’s not going to hit Harley speeds. You need a headband that will keep the hair out of your face when you’re head-down and hammering. Something to keep the sweat out of your eyes at about the 10k buoy. Or something to keep your ears warm when you hit the watery version of fourth gear. Try our HeadBand, made from a double layer of four-way stretch Polartec® with a nylon/spandex Tricot binding, topped off with a rear-situated tag for your iPod™ Shuffle™.


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